Let it Snoe, so Snoe...

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Note: Long overdue post.

It's been a month since I updated my blog, too many activities this month hence the delay. ;(

Anyway, last month there's a new store in SM Sucat that attracts female visitors, well (I could still consider them as new right? tehehe) and that is none other than Snoe! The store opened officially second week of November at SM Sucat.

Their simple yet cute little store plus the products displayed on their shop is enough for me to be curious. So after reading some reviews on the net, I tried some of their products and these what I bought from last month's visit. Most of the items below were used for 4 weeks so I guess it's enough for me to tell whether I will still buy it again or not:

Sunblock, Glam, Handy Candy Lip Color, Snoe soap bars and foot therapy set.
The first thing I tried was their Sunblock.

What I like about this product?

  • The scent.
  • True to it's description, it is non greasy. 
  • No sticky feeling when applying.
  • After a month's use there is still 1/4 of it although I use it everyday. For me this is a good thing, considering that when I use lotions (with the same size) it won't even last that long.
What I don't like?

  • I don't really like that instant whitening effect on my skin though it fades after a couple of hours but after the application it looks like I put a baby powder (in a liquid form) all over my body. 
Will I buy this again?
  • No, due to reason that it has instant whitening effect since I am not really fair to begin with. Using this will make my skin color sooo unnatural. I will just opt to buy the one that has no instant whitening effect. :)

Next is their Handy Candy Lip color:

This one came in 3 different colors: pink, red, and brown. Very handy so I use it everyday. Nothing to say though it became my favorite on my "not so kikay" kit.

Bar soaps

Among these bar soaps, I have already tried the Papaya, Bleaching, Oatmeal and Cintronella. In terms of whitening effect since it has only been 4 weeks I could not still see any difference ( I could also say that since I went to the beach this month, I stop using the soaps which might hinder the effect).

Anyway among the 4 soaps, I really like the Papaya one, next would be the bleaching soap, then the oatmeal and last would be the Citronella. I could not give any detail reviews on these since I'm still testing the products. They might deliver their full potential when using one at a time. But for the face, I am certain that I would be using only the Papaya since it gives my face a certain glow. The bleaching soap is not too strong, I was surprised that it does have not sting effect on me which I really like whilst the oatmeal soap, the first time I tried it, I developed some rashes on my upper right arm which lasted for a few hours, good thing that the second time I used it, there are no more rashes. What I really like about this soap is the smell and I could really feel the dead skin off my skin when using this. The citronella soap is the least soap I like because of it's smell, for some reason I feel like puking the first time I used it (no kidding!). I am not overreacting but I don't really like the smell. Luckily after using it for couple of times, I became adjusted to it's smell but still...

Products that I bought but haven't tried:
  • Happy Heels - Foot therapy set
  • Glam

Zuellig - The most beautiful building in Makati, open it's doors officially!

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Well, I'm not really boasting here but definitely Zuellig is the most eye catching architectural structure in the heart of Makati Business District  and last November 8, 2012 was its inauguration day.

Zuellig building is an all glass facade architecture and was awarded of pre-certified LEED Gold level, making it as the first structure in the Philippines having that kind of recognition. On top of that, it was also became one of the Top contenders in MIPIM Asia Awards for Best Office and Business Development category.

Different faces of Zuellig Building


Sunset Reflection

View from Ayala Triangle

To know more about Zuellig please visit:
Zuellig Building

MIPIM website:
MIPIM Asia Awards

New watermark, jeez, I should have put my Blog title and not the url! >.<

Be Aware, Be Alert (B.A.B.A)

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October 31, 2012, muntik na ako manakawan sa sinasakyan kong bus na pabyaheng MIA.  Ang bag ko ay nilaslas, isa sa harap at isa sa likod, I will not learn it until I got home and saw it.

Cha Dao is now open on SM City Sucat!

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Another milk tea store opens at SM City Sucat. So far, there are three milk tea stores on SM Sucat - Teariffic (I hope I spelled it correctly), SIP, and now, Cha Dao. Among the three, the latter is my favorite! I have already tried the first two stores mentioned but it doesn't make me go back again - maybe because Tearriffic has a few choices of teas, whilst SIP hmm it's located on building B and I seldom go there unless I have to.

Cha Dao is still on soft opening, but definitely I will always go back here for their milk tea :D.
Milk tea flavors

Matcha Green Tea by Cha Dao

Icebergs-Mall of Asia

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Yesterday, me and my sister (with her boyfriend) went to SM Mall of Asia to watch a movie. I was choosing between Hotel Transylvania and This Guy's Inlove With You Mare but since the latter has a longer line, we opted for the first one. Ayaw ng lola nyo ng mahabang pila eh!

Anyway, after watching Hotel Transylvania, we looked for a place to eat. I was looking for something new, something I never tried before ('nuff with the usual fast food) then I remembered that there is Icebergs just beside Congo Grille - the last time I went to MOA, it still under construction so I thought it might have been open already. Sorry, ilang dekada na din yata simula nung pumunta ako ng MOA.

Despite that it was Sunday, there are only few customers inside when we entered the restaurant (or maybe it is just too late na when we got there, it's already 9:30pm by that time). I ordered their best seller Sisig, while my sister had Lechon Kawali and her boyfriend tried the Boneless chicken barbeque. For dessert, we ordered their Black Forest Parfait and Super Halo-halo.

After 10 minutes or so, our orders were served already...

Sisig! Their best seller. I preferred that sisig is serve sizzling hot (tipong mausok-usok talaga, na pag kinain mo paso agad ang dila...haha) but this one , it really tasted good!

Lechon kawali, another must try too.

Boneless Chicken Barbecue. I was able to taste it because my sister gave me a piece. Nothing fancy but dunno if that's because the one I tasted has no sauce on it.

Black forest parfait, good enough but I don't like the taste of the Vanilla ice cream, the chocolate ice cream taste somewhat like Chuckie or maybe it's just me? :))

Super Halo-halo, I was not able to try this but it seems that my sister liked this one.

Will I go back here?
-Definitely yes! I'm already in love with their sisig. :)

SST Laptop Repair Shop Review

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Last week, I decided to have my father's one year old Toshiba Satellite L640 repaired at SST Laptop Repair shop - SM Center Las Pinas Branch. I was kinda hesitant at first if I will have the laptop repaired with them because I also saw another shop offering the same service with a no fix, no pay policy. But what made me choose them is because I knew that they have many branches and I thought that hey, they must be good.

This baby has been repaired

Anyway, the problem of the lappy at first (at  first because the second was all my fault, tehehe) was the processing of application is very slowwww, when I mean slow, it will took a minute before an application starts. My initial conclusion is that the laptop needs to be scanned - there might be a possibility that this is caused by a virus (the programmer in me starts to take it's action). But the laptop broke down during the scanning process and was automatically shut down. I opened again the laptop but it was much slower than the first time that even if I left it for almost an hour it won't even show the windows start up screen. I repeated it again, but same thing happened that it left me no choice but to reformat it. It was NOT successful, I reformated it for three times - 2 for Windows 7 and 1 for Ubuntu. but the problem was still there - no start up screen, everything is black. I was already furious by that time that I decided to use the recovery partition so that the laptop will go back to it's factory settings. But it didn't work! And the problem is much bigger than the first one. The laptop won't start at all and worst, there is no more Toshiba logo when turning on the laptop, that's when I decided to have it repaired.

No rice diet

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A month ago, I was trying this no rice diet thingy and did this for four weeks.

It really depends. It varies to each individual. My results are minimal compared to those who have tried this diet, what I did was to remove the rice on my meal but I do still eat meat, veggies, and the like.
Since I am more of a 'rice person', it takes too much effort from me, removing it to on my daily meal.

Must resist, image from beyondcurries

Lessons Learned:
- Instead of removing the rice entirely, I would suggest to cut back your rice serving like 1/2 cup.

- Replacing bread with rice is a no-no for me. If you just replace it with a bread, better yet take a half cup of brown rice. Or instead of the white bread, go for wheat bread. No spreads or jams!

- This diet is will yield good results by doing it for a long time but not for a short period. If you are looking for a short term fix on your weight, this is not for you. You won't lose a significant amount of pounds by doing this diet unless you paired it with exercise. Short term means losing weight just because there is an important event and you want to look good on your dress, let say 2 months?

Anyway, I lost 5 pounds  on this diet (with no exercise). Again, results may very to each person who tried this diet, for some they lose already pounds after pounds even if they don't exercise. If the diet didn't work for me, maybe this will work for you. It is just a matter of how you plan your weight loss program. What you eat, what you replaced, what you remove, and what you do. Of course, if I may add, how determine and discipline you are.

Bake like a rock star: Programmer finds a new hobby - Baking

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It's been awhile since my last post and here again, another food-topic. One of my favorite cookies are the Chocolate chip cookies, any brand as long as its chocolate chip, hell even if it has only one choco chip piece, I would still try it.

Anyway, me and my sister baked our own chocolate chip cookies. This is my first time to bake and have zero knowledge of it ( I only know how to eat!). We followed Martha Stewart's chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe and add some granolas, which have been sitting on our fridge for a long now (time to make use of it eh). Anyway the result (drum rolls please):

I brought some of it to my workplace and have my friends rate it and give comments. One of my friends told me that the cookie she tried was half salty, I guess we have to lessen the salt into half teaspoon. One of them was speechless, maybe he was taste-struck (haha) And the verdict? It was 3/5. Not bad, will just try it again. How about you? Wanna try our cookies? :P

Nintendo WII : My Latest Toy

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These past few weeks I was busy trying out my latest toy - it's the Nintendo WII. Actually, I'm having second thoughts on getting this console, is it worth it? Is this better than PS3 or Microsoft Xbox Kinect? Lots of consideration to do...

Anyway below are the reasons why I bought this console:

Nintendo WII - photo credit to n1best.com
  • It's budget friendly,the number one reason why I bought this. Among the three consoles that I've been eyeing at, Nintendo WII is more affordable. At toy kingdom, it costs not more that Php 10,000.00. It includes two games and one controller. I didn't buy my WII at Toy kingdom, I just did some canvassing before settling on the store that offers best price.
  • Very suitable for children, nope, I am not a child but I bought this also for my nephew whom I want to play with.
  • It has fitness games such as gold's gym cardio workout, wii fit, etc. I don't need to go at the gym anymore (I hope so! ^_^). Did I mention that it has also Zumba Fitness game? Now, I have no more excuses not to move this body.
That's it. For a low price (lower than PS3 and Kinect), I got a modified WII console, one controller with nunchuck, 500GB external hard drive with 50 games included, 4 rechargeable  batteries.

This is the reason why I was not updating my blog this past few days. I was enjoying playing my newest toy. How about you? What is your favorite gaming console right now?

Below is the video of my godchild playing Just Dance 3-WII version. Just sharing *_*.

Deep Fried Oreos

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I was bored then suddenly this recipe got in my mind. I once saw an online shopping site (multiply) selling deep fried oreos and I got curious on how they would taste like. I searched for a website having this recipe then hurriedly went to the nearest grocery store and tried to make one. I asked my little sister if she could help me making this.

Well, tadah! Here's our version of deep fried oreos.

Witness how these oreos will transform into something else =)

Eggs, milk, hot cake mix, sugar, and oreos!

Floating Oreos

They look ugly but surprisingly taste good! To tell you the truth, the uglier the better taste. haha

Now serving... Deep fried oreos sprinkled with sugar.


Now, I am a believer..lols. In other sites, I saw some deep fried oreos served with whip cream or powdered sugar with sprinkles. Oh please! I didn't dare to add more because of the calories.

I just lost my best friend...

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Paano ka nga ba makakamove-on sa isang tao na parating nandyan sa tabi mo at ngayon ay wala na? 

This is the most heartbreaking day for me... letting go of someone that I am not yet ready to let go but I have to. Alam mo yung feeling na may isang tao na makikinig sa mga kwento mo kahit wala siyang ka-sense sense?  Kahit corny ang mga jokes mo, okay lang kasi alam mo naman na may tatawa para sayo. May taong galit na galit dahil matigas ang ulo mo. May taong sobrang mag-aalala sa sobrang reckless mo. May taong magreremind sayo na ang taba-taba mo na at kailangan magdiet ka na. May taong magsasabi sayo na kahit di mo na kaya, nandyan pa rin siya sa tabi mo-cheering your name. May taong hindi puro papuri ang sinasabi paukol sayo kundi yung mga pagkukulang at kapintasan mo ang sinasabi.

Photo credit to : bry5

Alam mo yung feeling na kahit buong araw kayong dalawa lang ang mag-usap, kumpleto na yung araw mo. Hindi ka mag-aalala na may aapi sayo at mamaliitin ka dahil alam mong may isang tao na naniniwala sa kakayahan mo at ipagtatanggol ka. Yung time na kahit down na down ka, may isang tao na gagawa ng paraan mapasaya ka lang. Pag may time na nasa limelight ka, may taong magreremind sayo na wag lumaki ang ulo and keep your feet on the ground. Kahit alam mong haggard ka na dahil sa stress sa work, kahit bagong gising ka palang sa umaga at di pa nagtoothbrush meron pa rin magsasabi sayo na: "Ang ganda mo"...chos!   

Pero what if kung yung taong lagi nasa tabi mo eh kailangan mo na iwan? You have no choice but to make the most painful decision. I know for myself na kahit hindi ko piliin yung painful decision na yun, sa bandang huli masasaktan pa rin ako. Pwede ko pillin yung way na magiging masaya ako - pansamantala. Pero narealize ko na ayoko pala ng temporary happiness, ayoko dumating yung time na mas lalo akong mahihirapan na lumayo. Ayoko na lagi akong may worry na darating ang araw na mawawala at mawawala si best friend sa akin. Kaya habang sa tingin ko may time pa , I am letting him go. Call me a chicken, pero alam kong ginawa ko lang yung tama at dapat matagal ko ng ginawa. 

Sana may pain reliever para sa heartache, para pag gising mo kinabuksan wala na yung sakit. Pero sabi nga, kung gusto mo maging masaya, nasa sarili mo naman yun. Find your own happiness ika nga... But I just lost my happiness at this moment...so what now? Inom nalang ng Enervon?

Sana makapagprogram ako ng isang software na makakapag-patanggal ng heartaches, kasi para siyang bug, kailangan mong i-debug at ayusin yung part na nagko-cause ng bug. Kailangan i-break yung pesteng infinite loop na yan na nagdadala ng heartbreaks...bullshet diba?

O kaya sana napoprogram nalang yung isip na kapag if heart is breaking then reset to 0, delete the memory and lock file. Pwede din i-encrypt para di basta basta napapasok ng "virus". 

I just lost my best friend...what will I do now? Move on! But this will be a long walk for me. I really love him but there are things that are not really meant to be...


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There are days like this that all you want to do is to stay at home and sleep all day. After my Anilao adventure, I'm craving for more adventure.. sigh. My usual routine, watch tv, play computer games and play with my nephew no longer works or maybe I still have my hangover? geez.

Can anyone suggest? Anything is fine as long as it will spell FUN. (winks).

Buti pa si Ryuzaki, pa-chill chill nalang with his Dutch Mill..

Ryuzaki enjoying his Dutch Mill

Dutch Mill is <3 

Off topic:
Tomorrow is the feast of Saint Joseph and everybody here in our place are busy preparing. It will be one hell pigging out session tomorrow for sure..

The crazy things I do - I went to Discover Scuba Diving

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Finally, my first solo travel ever! It was supposed to happen last week but I am too nervous to went with my own plan so I have it cancelled that week. The feeling of being alone and doing something that I haven't tried yet makes me feel scared. Alam mo yung feeling na paano kung naligaw ka, paano kung sa daan may nangyari (knock on wood), paano kung makakita ako ng shark, paano kung mahulugan ako ng pera, paano kung hindi na ako nakaahon sa ilalim ng tubig... maraming paano. :)). I've been planning this trip two weeks already and during that time I was not really comfortable to go on.

But now, no more excuses, no more buts, I went ahead. The fun, fearless female in me ay hindi na papaawat (cosmo? hehe). I already booked a resort prior to this trip. I asked my mom's permission to go to Anilao. She asked me whom I'll go with, to not make her worry, I just told her that I'll go there with my office mates (not looking at her eyes). Pero sa loob-loob ko, kung alam mo lang mother, ako lang talaga ang pupunta doon. Please lang wag ka na mag-usisa masyado dahil ayaw ko magsinungaling pa. I know she'll freak out if she learned that I only went there alone. Knowing my mom, expect that she'll not permit me. Siyempre alam ko naman na nagwoworry siya pero I don't want to cancel this trip. Not again. The fact that I really want to learn how to dive is enough to go aja! (Please children wag na wag nyong  gagayahin ang ginawa ko. hehe)

This trip is worth it.
(Wrong hand signal in diving)

Addicted to Milkis

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I've been drowning myself with this beverage this past few days (exagg!). And why not?  I just love the taste of Milkis! It is like a yakult with a twist. You can buy this in 711 stores near you for Php 19.00 only! Anyway, a friendly reminder, just like any carbonated drinks out there, the calories is not different from coca-cola or pepsi (only a lesser evil). Another reminder, consume immediately! I tried putting it in a glass and let it sit in the fridge for an overnight, then the next day drank it up, the taste is not as good as before.

TV Drama Review: Dream High

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Vacation is almost over and I didn't even know it! Gawd. Didn't go somewhere else and stay the whole weekend at home. I know, I know, it's boring but due to budget constraints, I must stay at home.. walang gala nakatulong pa sa gastusin sa bahay haha. I spent the Holy Week like a good Catholic (may ganun?! hehe). Anyway, I'm not gonna talk about my Holy Week vacation but instead  I'll write my review about the upcoming Korean drama of ABS-CBN which to be aired on April 16,2012 and that is Dream High (you'll probably guess that I spent this long weekend vacation watching this drama-which is right :D).

Capones and Camara Island Hopping

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Third post for my Zambales Trip

After staying at Anawangin, we headed for our next itinerary the following day and that is to visit Capones and Camara island. I immediately fell in love with Capones the first time I saw it. No doubt, it is my most favorite among the three. Why? Let my pictures tell you the reason.

On our way to Capones Island
It is more peaceful here than Anawangin, perhaps people opted to just visit the island and stay in Anawangin like what we did.

Closer Look

Capones is known for its lighthouse. Too bad, I wasn't able to go there because my KJ friends don't want to  walk/trek for an hour just to get there.

Summer Lovin'