Pyro Musical 2012 | Finland vs Portugal

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Second post for Pyro Musical 2012 series.

Last night was the third day of the Pyro Musical Competition for this year. It's between Finland and Portugal. Although I got a VIP ticket I didn't get some good shots. (I finally use the voucher I bought from Ensogo last night.)

Pyro Musical 2012 | United Kingdom vs Spain

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I missed out last week's Pyro competition between South Korea and Malta (sob). But last night, together with my sister and cousin, I was able to attend the second night of the competition. It's UK versus Spain, this time.

Note: First post for the 3rd Pyro Musical Series. 

Reaching Out

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"Hey, I miss you..."

"Just hearing your voice makes my heart glow"


Free Banners - Valentines Day

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Hi All!
Happy Valentines day from my nendroid L! I'm giving set of Valentines Greeting Banners featuring L, feel free to use it. :).

Painting Red at Star City

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It's Valentines Day here in Philippines. This is the only day when Pinoys are showing their most cheesiest, most romantic side without being "barado" or tag as corny by others (well, that's my opinion).

No venue to celebrate Valentines day with your love ones? Why not go to Star City today? Whether your status is single, best friends, it's complicated, in a mutual understanding, or in a relationship, Star City has a Valentine Treat for you! Just come in RED SHIRT and you have 50% discount on RIDE ALL YOU CAN pop tag! Now, that's a great deal to celebrate your Vday with your date. (winks)

For more information, please visit: Star City

Let there be light!

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Taken at Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." 
- Helen Keller

17th Hot Air Balloon Festival Experience

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It was my first time to attend such event. Ever since I learned about this festival last year, I promised to myself that I'll attend the event this year.
Ticket to the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival

Yeah, I was talking about last week that I will go to the event as a solo traveler but the plan was change because my siblings and one of my cousins want to go there too. I was so excited about this first time experience but something happened that my excitement turns into disappointment...

Fulfilling my dreams

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Ayala Symphony of Lights 2011

One of my dreams this 2012 is to travel solo but I don't have the courage yet to start it until I saw this blog: Pinay Solo Backpacker. Upon reading her posts, I was inspired to go on with my reverie.

I always feel disappointment when there is a planned trip with my friends na nauunsyami. Alam mo yung pakiramdam na you are so excited to go on that place then on the last minute it will not go as planned, in short, trip is cancelled. Even if I have to answer all the expenses on a trip they always find excuses not to go.

One day, I realized that when I really want to see or go to a place then I have to do solo tripping but I don't have any idea when or where will I start. I felt that I don't have yet the guts to do it but my heart is dying to try it. Sounds crazy right?

Anyway, I was thankful that I found the blog. It gave me the courage to start my own journey. It is truly inspiring for me who was always on my comfort zone, now, I guess it's time to make no reservations.

Chateau Royale Batangas Review

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The Deal: 2 days and 1 night stay at Chateau Royale with Free breakfast for 4 people.

I bought this deal at Cashcashpinoy last July 2011 and was able to use it only this February 2012. Actually, my booking schedule with them was moved 3 times already,luckily, they always say 'yes'. It was supposed to be my birthday treat to my barkada but unfortunately they were not able to join me. I went with my mom, sister and cousin to visit the place and of course use the coupon I bought.

It was weekday. Our check in time was 2pm in the afternoon but we came late and arrived at the place almost 4pm.

Chateau Royale


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It is like a book, there is always a preface, an intermission, a prelude... prelude of my thoughts, my being, my dreams, my nightmares. As I open the 1st page of my life, paragraphs of feelings overflowed. Same sentiments, same story. A journey for one goal, a goal for one soul.

It's been four years since I left the blogging world but now I am back, ready to share what I had and will experience. For starters, this will be my very first post. I hope that I can make this far as my last blog (which I won't mention anymore).

"New hopes are now the first candle of that new life"