17th Hot Air Balloon Festival Experience

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It was my first time to attend such event. Ever since I learned about this festival last year, I promised to myself that I'll attend the event this year.
Ticket to the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival

Yeah, I was talking about last week that I will go to the event as a solo traveler but the plan was change because my siblings and one of my cousins want to go there too. I was so excited about this first time experience but something happened that my excitement turns into disappointment...

So what really happened?

The plan was this: we will go to Clark Pampanga on Saturday morning, 2:30am is the supposedly time that we 'll leave our place because 5:30am is the start of the Hot Air Balloons flight and our travel time is approximately 2 hours, just in time to be at the venue.

Friday, I asked ate Neneng (our maid) to talk to one of our neighbors who can drive us to the festival grounds (of course we will pay his service) since I can't drive well at night or at a very early time because of my poor eyesight. Our neighbor agreed. I thought every thing is going according to the plan. My mom even bought some snacks for our road trip.

Saturday, we were up by 2:00am and we are just waiting for our driver to come in front of our house. By 2:15am. I was already paranoid that he is still not yet in our place ..."oh lala, this isn't going to turn good", I told to myself. Came 2:30am, our agreed departure time, the driver wasn't still around.

Quarter to 3:00am , my siblings are already panicking and they decided that some of us will neighbor to check what happened. We have these thoughts, "maybe he was still asleep", "maybe he forgot our trip", lots of maybe... I woke up Ate Neneng since she was the one who talked to the driver and asked her to go with my sister and cousin to go to our neighbor's place.

Walang ilaw, walang senyales na gising na tao sa aming kapitbahay(no lights, no signs of a person that is awake in our neighbor). Ate neneng, my sister, and my cousin are already calling out for his name but our other neighbors woke up instead (too much trouble)! They told us to call him in his mobile instead and gave us his number. We called his cellphone number but it just keep on ringing. That was it. THIS TRIP IS CANCELLED JUST BECAUSE OF A MAN WHO DOESN'T HONOR IS WORD.

I was very down the whole day, I never thought that this will happen but I never lose hope because there is still Sunday, the last day of the festival. I decided to call my uncle who can drive us to the place but he can't drive with us because he isn't feeling well. Imagine my disappointment... I'm already thinking to go there by bus or renting a van. Luckily, one of our neighbor's who came to know our trip, volunteered himself to drive us.


Sunday, 3:00am - our agreed departure time, I woke up late (it seems that my excitement to the event was gone because of what happened). Our neighbor was already outside by 3:00am and we left our place at 3:30am.

We arrived at Clark, Pampanga by 6:00am. There are already many cars parked  near the festival grounds so we have to parked our van a little farther from the main entrance.

According to the news, thousands of people are going to the event. Here's a tip (that is already known to most people): buy tickets before the day of the event because the lines in the ticket booths were long. Pero mabilis din naman pala ang pila kasi mabilis din ang mga nagbebenta.

I think the weather condition was not too good for the hot air balloons because they just started to take their flights past 6:00am (which is a good thing for us, late comers). One of the hot air balloons, Miss Daisy, wasn't able to fly.

Below are the pictures I took on the event, no decent shots of hot air balloons for me (sob). We are only less than two hours in the event so only few pictures were taken.

I wasn't able to enjoy much in the event. This is not because of the festival itself but because I still have the hangover of the Saturday cancelled trip. I plan to make next year's event more enjoyable for me to make up for this. How I will do it? I don't know. So I'll just have to wait when that happens.

The lesson I learned in this event is  to find someone who can really honor his word. I also find out that I must really now practice what I've learned in the driving school. If I plan to go to other places then I should rely to myself more than anyone else.

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Just followed your blog :)

Sayang we were not able to watch this :(

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Hi thanks for following!

Maganda yung event pero kung pumunta ka ng Sunday, di mo siya maappreciate because of the not so good weather. :S