Chateau Royale Batangas Review

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The Deal: 2 days and 1 night stay at Chateau Royale with Free breakfast for 4 people.

I bought this deal at Cashcashpinoy last July 2011 and was able to use it only this February 2012. Actually, my booking schedule with them was moved 3 times already,luckily, they always say 'yes'. It was supposed to be my birthday treat to my barkada but unfortunately they were not able to join me. I went with my mom, sister and cousin to visit the place and of course use the coupon I bought.

It was weekday. Our check in time was 2pm in the afternoon but we came late and arrived at the place almost 4pm.

Chateau Royale

Upon arriving at the place, my first impression was 'cool' (forgive me for a crappy adjective). Maganda yung place pero di ganun ka-bongga. It looks clean and well maintained...I guess. Their clubhouse/reception area was grand, and the staff are accommodating. There is a wifi access on the area but I wasn't able to use it even I had my laptop with me, I'll tell you the reason later. I have to surrender my ID and gave Php 1,000.00 for deposit (it is refundable upon check out).

Our cabin was in 1004, and was a bit disappointed with it. First, the main door is hard to open, we were careful enough not to break its door knob or else we might ended up locked inside. Second, there is a distant smell in the room (seems it hasn't been used for a long time?). Third, the door of the toilet is same case with the main door. Fourth, the towels provided are not so clean (there's one towel that has a hole, good thing we always bring our own) and fifth, the log cabins are far away from the reception where the swimming pool area is near and this the reason why I didn't use the WIFI access anymore. Other than the five things mentioned, which for me were minor things, we settled with our log cabin. I'm here to have a precious bonding moment with these three people I'm with so I don't really mind.

Log Cabin 1004

Inside, there is one queen size bed , double deck, a closet (where we didn't dare to put our things inside), a flat screen tv (good thing there are cable channels but the local channels have bad signals), and aircon. The cabin is large, it can actually accommodate more than 4 adults (good thing if you brought kids with you not older than 12 years). By the way, since we had someone to drive us at the place, we decided to pay an additional Php 800.00 for him so that he could also stay with us inside the cabin (separate with us of course). The housekeeper in charge added an additional bed and pillows for him.

Bathroom Sink 

Double Deck

Queen size bed

Sofa and our things

Since it's already past four, we decided to go swimming. I noticed that there are only few people in the place and mostly are Koreans. Maybe because it's only Friday and I heard in the reception that most people will come the day after, which is Saturday (they are fully booked during weekends).

Swimming pool

From a different perspective

Feels like we own the place :)

Yet another perspective

After that, we ate our dinner in their Veranda Cafe since "we are not allowed to bring our own food". The prices of their foods range from  Php 180-420, for me this is pricey and the food  is not that delicious. By the way, we ordered sisig and their classic Batangas bulalo. We are only the customers inside the Cafe and 3 guys who came later to ate their dinner (now I wondered, where the hell those people who are also staying in the place? Aren't they hungry? It's already late and the restaurant has a closing time. With this, I came with the conclusion that we can also bring our own food since they are not checking our baggage) he-he-he..sshh, wag nyo sundin sinabi ko, lagot tayo nyan. haha. Sa totoo lang, madami kaming dalang snacks at naidala namin siya sa loob ng cabin. They have also a floating restaurant which serves Korean dishes which food prices range from Php 190 - 500..I think.

Floating restaurant

Veranda Cafe

They have also souvenir shop just in front of the Veranda Cafe which sells variety of items.
Souvenir Shop

Since it is already late we headed in our cabin and decided to see the whole place tomorrow. The cabins are located where you can hear vehicles that passes by, this might be a problem if you are "mababaw matulog" person.

Came morning, we headed to the Veranda Cafe to take our free breakfast. They served fried rice with egg and you have to choose only one from fried bangus, longganisa, and hotdogs to go with your breakfast
(my mom and sister were able to chose one hotdog and one longganisa.). Their breakfast can be serve with coffee or orange/pineapple juice. After our breakfast, we tour the place. Below are the pictures I took.

My breakfast

Foggy morning


Organic Farm

The way to their organic farm

Fishing Lake

Mini Zoo
(This area needs to be taken care of)

They also sell their harvested veggies

Rock Mountain


Obstacle Course



We were not able to see their Orchidarium because my mom is already exhausted from walking the entire place. Malaki yung lugar kung tutuusin. 

All in all, I was able to enjoy the scenery in Chateau Royale. It was truly a relaxing vacation for me (after 3 months of stress at work) and I'm glad that I was able to experience it because of this deal. My companions are also glad that they even want to go here again in summer. The place is also great for company events such as team building or company celebration. They offer biking, horse riding, fishing, billiards, kalesa ride for outdoor activities (price ranges from Php 125-500), there is paintball and obstacle course too. They also have jacuzzi and spa (price range from Php 175-500). Oh, did I mention that they have also Videoke for rent? So for those who love to sing, there is one for you here. (price is Php 2000/3 hours).

Rate: 8/10
Will I go back here?: Yes, but I will go there only if there's another deal like this :) (talking about thriftiness). haha

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Thanks for this review. It gave me a quick overview of what to expect in this place :)

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