Fulfilling my dreams

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Ayala Symphony of Lights 2011

One of my dreams this 2012 is to travel solo but I don't have the courage yet to start it until I saw this blog: Pinay Solo Backpacker. Upon reading her posts, I was inspired to go on with my reverie.

I always feel disappointment when there is a planned trip with my friends na nauunsyami. Alam mo yung pakiramdam na you are so excited to go on that place then on the last minute it will not go as planned, in short, trip is cancelled. Even if I have to answer all the expenses on a trip they always find excuses not to go.

One day, I realized that when I really want to see or go to a place then I have to do solo tripping but I don't have any idea when or where will I start. I felt that I don't have yet the guts to do it but my heart is dying to try it. Sounds crazy right?

Anyway, I was thankful that I found the blog. It gave me the courage to start my own journey. It is truly inspiring for me who was always on my comfort zone, now, I guess it's time to make no reservations.

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