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It is like a book, there is always a preface, an intermission, a prelude... prelude of my thoughts, my being, my dreams, my nightmares. As I open the 1st page of my life, paragraphs of feelings overflowed. Same sentiments, same story. A journey for one goal, a goal for one soul.

It's been four years since I left the blogging world but now I am back, ready to share what I had and will experience. For starters, this will be my very first post. I hope that I can make this far as my last blog (which I won't mention anymore).

"New hopes are now the first candle of that new life"

a.k.a Carlzy. You can call me Zy or Carla. 20 year old something. A Computer Science graduate. Part-time IT gal and a full time wanderer. Loves watching movies, anime, and dramas. Romantic but not hopeless. Fun Photography. Foodie addict. CHEESECAKE LOVER.