Pyro Musical 2012 | United Kingdom vs Spain

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I missed out last week's Pyro competition between South Korea and Malta (sob). But last night, together with my sister and cousin, I was able to attend the second night of the competition. It's UK versus Spain, this time.

Note: First post for the 3rd Pyro Musical Series. 

It's 7:15pm when we arrived at MOA (expect heavy traffic on all lanes going to mall), according to the schedule the show will start at 7pm, we thought that we missed the show of the first country but as expected, Filipino time or just some technical glitch, the fireworks display of UK started almost 7:30pm.

We only have silver tickets which we got free when we purchased Close Up toothpaste in SM hypermarket last week. I actually have a voucher from Ensogo, which is a gold ticket, but I didn't use it (maybe next week).

Since we arrived  late, I wasn't able to get a good spot to take pictures. So I will just post only the video clips we took last night's event. Sorry for the low quality vids. I'm telling you, we were not on a good spot to take pictures nor even videos (laughs).

Most people, including us, were already impatient waiting for Spain' turn. It's 9pm (an hour late) but the fireworks display is not yet starting! I was already hungry and my legs are hurting. Meron naman nagbebenta ng mcdonalds and shakeys na gumagala, but I opted to eat dinner after the fireworks display. Good thing, hunger was gone when the show started. Below is the videos for Spain's pyro display.

My verdict: for me, Spain's fireworks display is better than UK. I'm not being technical here and I don't want to explain further why Spain is better for me, I'm just basing it on what I felt when I watched the fireworks display.  So there. I each on his own (winks).

Will definitely go next week for another pyro musical.

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