Capones and Camara Island Hopping

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Third post for my Zambales Trip

After staying at Anawangin, we headed for our next itinerary the following day and that is to visit Capones and Camara island. I immediately fell in love with Capones the first time I saw it. No doubt, it is my most favorite among the three. Why? Let my pictures tell you the reason.

On our way to Capones Island
It is more peaceful here than Anawangin, perhaps people opted to just visit the island and stay in Anawangin like what we did.

Closer Look

Capones is known for its lighthouse. Too bad, I wasn't able to go there because my KJ friends don't want to  walk/trek for an hour just to get there.

Summer Lovin'

Anawangin Adventure Part 2

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Read the the first part here.
Warning: Overloaded with pictures!

We arrived at San Antonio, Zambales past 9:00am then we asked the driver to drop us on the second tricycle terminal. Good thing, we have already our contact and we just told his name to one of the tricycle drivers (by the way, the name of our contact is Jay-ar Sagasa). It was a 30minute tricycle ride. We arrived at the place of Jay-ar Sagasa by 9:30am or so. The manong tricycle driver who accompanied us to Jay-ar's place charge us Php 30.00 each pero humirit si manong at nagsabi na bigyan na lang siya ng Php 100.00, since it was only Php 10.00 napahinuhod nalang ako. 
My companions, who obviously did not do their research on the place, kept on asking me: "Dito na ba yun? Ito na yun? Asan na ba tayo? Baka hind ito yun." Jusko! Kalma lang ate at kuya. So lesson learned, if you're planning a trip be sure that you have oriented (every detailed) your companions,chos.

Michelle, I forgot the name of the young lady who entertained us so I'll just let myself call her Michelle in this post, asked us if we need something else like charcoal, water, etc. We bought 4 plastics of charcoal and 1 container of water. I also informed her about that the tent, spoons, forks, plates, cooler, and other utensils that is included in the deal. When I thought everything was settled we headed to the beach that will lead us to the hidden beauty of Anawangin...

Mark and Shiena

Anawangin Adventure Part 1

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I skipped the last day of Pyro Musical Competition to give way on my Anawangin Trip last March 17 (bought it on a group buying website). I bought this deal because I wanted to treat my friends-Shiena,Janessa, and Juvy- on my birthday which was on August 9(see, ilang buwan na nadelayed) but the trip with them didn't push (nakaka-disappoint) and I came with other people instead

Our trip last Saturday was supposedly composed of four people - me, Shiena (siya lang ang naisama ko), Mark and Joel (my office mates). The plan was this: we will wait for Joel to come back from Laguna on Saturday morning (it was his birthday last Friday and he celebrated it with his parents plus he just came back from a heart pounding adventure in Coron, Palawan). I was a bit worried that he might not join the trip after all so Friday morning I reminded him that no talksh*ts please (pressure? haha) and he said yes. So, okay, the budget was set for four people. Mark and Shiena did the grocery since I was still in the office, burning my seat until 10pm! I have no choice or else I might work on Saturday and boom, Anawangin trip is cancelled. I was working on a critical task that night.

Pyro Musical 2012 | Australia vs Canada

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Uber late post.

March 10,2012 was the last day I witnessed the Pyro Musical. It was between Australia and Canada. Both were good but Canada takes the flag that night (at least for me) ...

Busy as a bee

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I've been busy with work these past few days that all my blog posts are in line, waiting to be publish. So just a quick update:

  • Pyro Olympics Australia vs Canada (it's two weeks already and I haven't posted my review)
  • Anawangin Adventure (Anawangin, Capones and Camara). My first summer trip for this year.

Please bear with me for awhile. :D
Where ever you are, I will always find you...

Missing: Pink Slippers; Last seen on Capones Island

When the sun sets...

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It's been awhile since I watch sunset. I've never done this since I'm always busy and I never had a chance to look at the sky. Yes, I never look up, I always look straight ahead. As an office girl, I'm confined in the four corners of my workplace...10 hours for 5 days. I never appreciate the days that passed by, because for me, all I do is just a routinary, nothing extraordinary. I will wake up every day, prepare for work, do my work, and leave my work at the end of the day. You, work, work and it's my fault too. I am a self-confessed introvert. But I realized that I was wrong, stupidly wrong, the mere fact that I am still breathing is enough to appreciate and enjoy life as it is. I guess, in this age, sometimes we should look things around us from time to time in order to recognize what is important and what will make us happy.

I thank the day that I decided to stop for awhile and look at the things that surround me. For a moment, it made me noticed the small little things that I never knew were there. That is the moment that I decided to try new things and together, with Zidane (my dslr), we will discover the world through spectacles.

Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer to your goal. - Elbert Hubbard

Every time you wake up and ask yourself, What good things am I going to do today?, remember that when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it. Proverb

These photos were taken before the Pyro Musical Competition between Australia and Canada

Pyro Musical 2012 | China vs Netherlands

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This is my 3rd installment (3rd installment talaga?) for Pyro Musical series. It's China vs Netherlands. I noticed that last Saturday has the most number of people who went to the event. What can I say? It's a good match between the two countries!

Warning: Post is overloaded with pictures!

Selecta Magnum: Magnumficent?

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I will not post my 3rd entry for Pyro Musical today just to give way on this review. So what is Selecta Magnum? It is a new ice cream creation of Selecta by Unilever and RFM (correct me if I'm wrong). Apparently, this product was trending in twitter last week (I'm not sure about this, I just got the information from other sources. nyaha). And I learned the product yesterday from my officemate.

According to him, he was looking for it since last week and he was saying "lahat ng pupuntahan kong grocery kahit 7/11, sold out yung ice cream", imagine that. There was also a photo  of my three high school classmates on my FB news feed, each holding a stick of Magnum ice cream, posing like endorsers..haha. Everyone in my circle seems going gaga over this product.  That piqued my curiosity. What is so special about this Magnum ice cream thing?

New Look and Feel + 1 Month old blog celebration

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New design for my blog! Got this from Ray Templates. If you want a new template, go and visit the site. There are so many beautiful layouts to choose from.

Yeah, it's my one month old blog celebration... hooray!  

I'll be having a contest on this blog so watch out for my updates.

Nothing to update really but tomorrow I'll post the 3rd entry on my Pyro Musical 2012 series. (winks)