Anawangin Adventure Part 1

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I skipped the last day of Pyro Musical Competition to give way on my Anawangin Trip last March 17 (bought it on a group buying website). I bought this deal because I wanted to treat my friends-Shiena,Janessa, and Juvy- on my birthday which was on August 9(see, ilang buwan na nadelayed) but the trip with them didn't push (nakaka-disappoint) and I came with other people instead

Our trip last Saturday was supposedly composed of four people - me, Shiena (siya lang ang naisama ko), Mark and Joel (my office mates). The plan was this: we will wait for Joel to come back from Laguna on Saturday morning (it was his birthday last Friday and he celebrated it with his parents plus he just came back from a heart pounding adventure in Coron, Palawan). I was a bit worried that he might not join the trip after all so Friday morning I reminded him that no talksh*ts please (pressure? haha) and he said yes. So, okay, the budget was set for four people. Mark and Shiena did the grocery since I was still in the office, burning my seat until 10pm! I have no choice or else I might work on Saturday and boom, Anawangin trip is cancelled. I was working on a critical task that night.

I went home by 11pm to packed my things and came back at the office at 1 am (our meeting point). Shiena and Mark are already in the office when I got back. Everything is settled...until I got a text message from Joel that he didn't able to catch the last trip going back to Manila. Uh-oh, okay, we will just wait for you until 4am then, I told him. 5am was the departure time of bus bounded to Iba, Zambales, so no worries. The three of us, who are in the office, just slept in our workstation while waiting for the time to pass by.

4:30am, I texted Joel asking him if he will still be able to join us but no reply (malamang tulog pa siguro yung tao). So I thought, it was a talksh*t after all, that disappointed me (jumping to conclusions eh?). Anyway go on with the plan. We headed to Victory Liner Pasay Terminal. When we got to buy our tickets in the ticketing booth the sales officer said that the bus for Iba, Zambales was already full and the next trip was 10:30am. Oh no, kapag siniswerte ka naman, quarter to 5am palang!

Since we were already there, we asked if there are any other buses to ride aside from that. According to the officer, we can get a bus bound to Olongapo, then from there, take another bus bound to San Antonio, Zambales. We were little bit hesitant to do that because it was our first time to go to Zambales, I'm just relying to the information I printed from the net and as much as possible I want to follow it (hahaha, afraid to take the risks). Again, I approached the sales officer and she asked us if how many us were in the group. I said three. The officer laughed and she said that she thought we were many. Kung hindi ako ulit nagtanong malamang hindi na kami talaga makakasakay sa bus na yun. She sold the tickets to us but the downside was-the one person will be separated (okay lang, gora, nasa iisang bus parin naman eh).

Me, Shiena, and Mark played maiba taya to decide who will be the unfortunate person...and who's the unlucky person? Tadah! It was me. #$!!@!#$! Ako na ang nanlibre ako pa gaganituhin nyo, mga walang utang na loob! (hahaha,kidding). Anyway it was a blessing in disguise (or so I thought)  because I was sitting next with a cute guy. But Mark, the evil wizard, approached someone near their seat numbers to switch places with me and I found myself sitting next with an old man, who constantly cough (@#!#$#! , sana di mo nalang ginawa Mark, maganda na ang pwesto ko eh!). Kaya pala nakipagpalit si kuya. tsk tsk.

Anyway, I decided to enjoy the scenic views that we passed by. The weather was good and I told to myself that I will enjoy this trip no matter what...

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