Anawangin Adventure Part 2

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Read the the first part here.
Warning: Overloaded with pictures!

We arrived at San Antonio, Zambales past 9:00am then we asked the driver to drop us on the second tricycle terminal. Good thing, we have already our contact and we just told his name to one of the tricycle drivers (by the way, the name of our contact is Jay-ar Sagasa). It was a 30minute tricycle ride. We arrived at the place of Jay-ar Sagasa by 9:30am or so. The manong tricycle driver who accompanied us to Jay-ar's place charge us Php 30.00 each pero humirit si manong at nagsabi na bigyan na lang siya ng Php 100.00, since it was only Php 10.00 napahinuhod nalang ako. 
My companions, who obviously did not do their research on the place, kept on asking me: "Dito na ba yun? Ito na yun? Asan na ba tayo? Baka hind ito yun." Jusko! Kalma lang ate at kuya. So lesson learned, if you're planning a trip be sure that you have oriented (every detailed) your companions,chos.

Michelle, I forgot the name of the young lady who entertained us so I'll just let myself call her Michelle in this post, asked us if we need something else like charcoal, water, etc. We bought 4 plastics of charcoal and 1 container of water. I also informed her about that the tent, spoons, forks, plates, cooler, and other utensils that is included in the deal. When I thought everything was settled we headed to the beach that will lead us to the hidden beauty of Anawangin...

Mark and Shiena

Shiena and our Kuya Bangkero

I was so excited to ride the boat that I forget to check our things, kung may kulang pa ba or kumpleto na.   All I think is to get in the place immediately. Our boatman asked us if we want to go island hopping first. We chose to do that the next day instead and headed to Anawangin.

Excited, nervous, bliss... It was mixed emotions. Since this is my first camping trip ever the feeling is rather overwhelming.

Anawangin here we come!

Mansayon Beach Resort

Upon arriving at the resort, it dawned on us that we don't have any cooking utensils and even the cooler! Crap, since we're planning to cook some food, frying pan is essential.  We asked our kuya bangkero if we could go back to Pundaquit to get those. But sadly, he said if we go back again, it will be charge on us. We understand it.

Since we don't want to add more cost to our expenses, we plead if there is someone he knew who will go in the resort and makikisuyo nalang na isabay yung gamit if ever. He agreed but he only promised that he could only give us frying pan. That's enough for us.

The guys are setting up our tent

Ang kalunos-lunos namin na tent.. haha

Good weather for our beach camping, right?

Below are some shots taken during the day.

Sparkling beach

We didn't able to tour the whole place that much because we were busy of playing cards and chit chatting most of the time. My friends don't want to go trekking even if I want to (mga KJ!). So we just stayed near the camping site the whole day. Darn, no photos above those mountains!

And the best time here? It was during the night (for me). There were so many bonfires and I even saw some people dancing and chanting at the middle. It was a funny scene, too bad I didn't captured the moment. Parang party sa gitna ng kagubatan ang eksena, hahaha. 

As for the three of us? Ghost stories starts to arise, blame Mark and Shiena, mahilig manakot pero sila din ang matatakot, lol. 


The are you afraid of the dark session starts now.

That was pretty much of it. It was a good day indeed and I was able to sleep soundly the whole night-seriously. It was a really good experience when you are with your friends. :)

This is the end of myAnawangin adventure post. Will create a separate post for our Capones and Camara island hopping.

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Ang ganda dito... Parang hidden paradise noh?

15 April 2012 at 17:54 delete

hi -DoNaH-!
I agree, maganda yung place. Btw, thanks for dropping by! :)

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mganda ba dun sa mansayon beach resort?...

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Yup, pero sa tingin ko naman wala naman pinagkaiba dun sa mga katabing resorts nya. :)