Capones and Camara Island Hopping

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Third post for my Zambales Trip

After staying at Anawangin, we headed for our next itinerary the following day and that is to visit Capones and Camara island. I immediately fell in love with Capones the first time I saw it. No doubt, it is my most favorite among the three. Why? Let my pictures tell you the reason.

On our way to Capones Island
It is more peaceful here than Anawangin, perhaps people opted to just visit the island and stay in Anawangin like what we did.

Closer Look

Capones is known for its lighthouse. Too bad, I wasn't able to go there because my KJ friends don't want to  walk/trek for an hour just to get there.

Summer Lovin'

What I like about Capones? The sand, the water, the rock formations, and the mountain with those green and golden grasses.

Subject of my affection? hahaha

My Epic Jumpshot
Genie Mark
Wandering off

Unfortunately, I lost my slippers in the island. I left it nearby the sea, unaware that some of the tourists might actually get it. I have my rubber shoes with me but I don't think that I could wear that at the moment so I left Capones and went to Camara with bare foot. 

My slippers wandered off too 

I realized that it was indeed unfortunate for me to lost my slippers upon arriving at Camara Island. There are too many pebbles and stones in the island. Timing na timing ha. I can feel the stones murdering my feet. I wasn't able to go to the other side of the island because of my state but nonetheless, I still able to appreciate the surrounding.

Camara Island

Closer look again

This huge rock is good for rock climbing I'm telling you

It's the climb

There is nothing much to do here in Camara since it is a relatively small island than Capones. I guess the best thing you can do here is to try to climb that huge rock. haha.

The trip is so much fun that I want to go back. But I think the next time I'll get there, I will visit Nagsasa instead.

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nice post...makes me want to go there ^_^

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thanks! If you plan to go there, heads up lang, no electricity and network signal, although sabi sa Capones meron kakaunting signal.

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