Pyro Musical 2012 | Australia vs Canada

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Uber late post.

March 10,2012 was the last day I witnessed the Pyro Musical. It was between Australia and Canada. Both were good but Canada takes the flag that night (at least for me) ...

Canada, at first, wasn't sync with the music. I can still recall that while there was still a countdown, Canada starts to fire at the count of 5 or 4. That's 4 seconds advance and really noticeable. I asked my companions if it was intentional but obviously it was not. Then after sometime, Canada regains its composure and prove that all their awards is not for bragging only. Australia, on the other hand, really give their best shot (I couldn't say more) but there's something lacking on the performance that I couldn't point it. I was wondering, after their performance, is that all there is? I wasn't satisfied. Anyway, below are the photos I took during the performance of the two countries. Luckily, we are in a good spot to take picka-pics.
Hello, breakwater! tehehe.

PS: Can somebody give me a link of photos with Italy and Philippines' performance ? I want to see it! hehe

My Top Picks for this Pyro Musical Competition:
1. Netherlands
2. China
3. Canada
4. Finland
5. Spain
6. Australia
7. UK
8. Portugal

I did not include South Korea,Malta and Italy in the list since I didn't witnessed their performance. ^_^

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Nice pics! Too bad we were not able to watch any of these.

Btw, I tagged you in this post: