Pyro Musical 2012 | China vs Netherlands

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This is my 3rd installment (3rd installment talaga?) for Pyro Musical series. It's China vs Netherlands. I noticed that last Saturday has the most number of people who went to the event. What can I say? It's a good match between the two countries!

Warning: Post is overloaded with pictures!

China did something new, which I didn't expect in this kind of competition, they did a narration of a love story. The fireworks display are beautiful, had to give credit on that, and they are also in sync with the music but the downside is not continuous! The flow of the fireworks display is not continuous to the point that I'm already anxiously waiting for the next fire. I don't even remember the whole story, all I can recall, there is a white fox (or is it wolf? haha). Nothing much to say, but I have to applaud China for doing that (at least they did something new). I think most of the people came because of China's fireworks display. I noticed some people already went home after it.

How about Netherlands? Netherlands did great! The fireworks are in sync with music also, and the choice of songs are good too (Set to the fire anyone?). It's hard to choose which is better between the two countries, but for me, after a tough debate to myself...Netherlands gets my vote. Below are the presentation photos of the two countries. Obviously, nasa likod ako at nakakaasar ang mga tao sa harap ko kasi di sila mapakali sa kanilang pwesto. They keep on blocking my way! haha.

Damn these two big men in front of me!

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