The crazy things I do - I went to Discover Scuba Diving

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Finally, my first solo travel ever! It was supposed to happen last week but I am too nervous to went with my own plan so I have it cancelled that week. The feeling of being alone and doing something that I haven't tried yet makes me feel scared. Alam mo yung feeling na paano kung naligaw ka, paano kung sa daan may nangyari (knock on wood), paano kung makakita ako ng shark, paano kung mahulugan ako ng pera, paano kung hindi na ako nakaahon sa ilalim ng tubig... maraming paano. :)). I've been planning this trip two weeks already and during that time I was not really comfortable to go on.

But now, no more excuses, no more buts, I went ahead. The fun, fearless female in me ay hindi na papaawat (cosmo? hehe). I already booked a resort prior to this trip. I asked my mom's permission to go to Anilao. She asked me whom I'll go with, to not make her worry, I just told her that I'll go there with my office mates (not looking at her eyes). Pero sa loob-loob ko, kung alam mo lang mother, ako lang talaga ang pupunta doon. Please lang wag ka na mag-usisa masyado dahil ayaw ko magsinungaling pa. I know she'll freak out if she learned that I only went there alone. Knowing my mom, expect that she'll not permit me. Siyempre alam ko naman na nagwoworry siya pero I don't want to cancel this trip. Not again. The fact that I really want to learn how to dive is enough to go aja! (Please children wag na wag nyong  gagayahin ang ginawa ko. hehe)

This trip is worth it.
(Wrong hand signal in diving)

Addicted to Milkis

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I've been drowning myself with this beverage this past few days (exagg!). And why not?  I just love the taste of Milkis! It is like a yakult with a twist. You can buy this in 711 stores near you for Php 19.00 only! Anyway, a friendly reminder, just like any carbonated drinks out there, the calories is not different from coca-cola or pepsi (only a lesser evil). Another reminder, consume immediately! I tried putting it in a glass and let it sit in the fridge for an overnight, then the next day drank it up, the taste is not as good as before.

TV Drama Review: Dream High

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Vacation is almost over and I didn't even know it! Gawd. Didn't go somewhere else and stay the whole weekend at home. I know, I know, it's boring but due to budget constraints, I must stay at home.. walang gala nakatulong pa sa gastusin sa bahay haha. I spent the Holy Week like a good Catholic (may ganun?! hehe). Anyway, I'm not gonna talk about my Holy Week vacation but instead  I'll write my review about the upcoming Korean drama of ABS-CBN which to be aired on April 16,2012 and that is Dream High (you'll probably guess that I spent this long weekend vacation watching this drama-which is right :D).