Nintendo WII : My Latest Toy

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These past few weeks I was busy trying out my latest toy - it's the Nintendo WII. Actually, I'm having second thoughts on getting this console, is it worth it? Is this better than PS3 or Microsoft Xbox Kinect? Lots of consideration to do...

Anyway below are the reasons why I bought this console:

Nintendo WII - photo credit to
  • It's budget friendly,the number one reason why I bought this. Among the three consoles that I've been eyeing at, Nintendo WII is more affordable. At toy kingdom, it costs not more that Php 10,000.00. It includes two games and one controller. I didn't buy my WII at Toy kingdom, I just did some canvassing before settling on the store that offers best price.
  • Very suitable for children, nope, I am not a child but I bought this also for my nephew whom I want to play with.
  • It has fitness games such as gold's gym cardio workout, wii fit, etc. I don't need to go at the gym anymore (I hope so! ^_^). Did I mention that it has also Zumba Fitness game? Now, I have no more excuses not to move this body.
That's it. For a low price (lower than PS3 and Kinect), I got a modified WII console, one controller with nunchuck, 500GB external hard drive with 50 games included, 4 rechargeable  batteries.

This is the reason why I was not updating my blog this past few days. I was enjoying playing my newest toy. How about you? What is your favorite gaming console right now?

Below is the video of my godchild playing Just Dance 3-WII version. Just sharing *_*.