No rice diet

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A month ago, I was trying this no rice diet thingy and did this for four weeks.

It really depends. It varies to each individual. My results are minimal compared to those who have tried this diet, what I did was to remove the rice on my meal but I do still eat meat, veggies, and the like.
Since I am more of a 'rice person', it takes too much effort from me, removing it to on my daily meal.

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Lessons Learned:
- Instead of removing the rice entirely, I would suggest to cut back your rice serving like 1/2 cup.

- Replacing bread with rice is a no-no for me. If you just replace it with a bread, better yet take a half cup of brown rice. Or instead of the white bread, go for wheat bread. No spreads or jams!

- This diet is will yield good results by doing it for a long time but not for a short period. If you are looking for a short term fix on your weight, this is not for you. You won't lose a significant amount of pounds by doing this diet unless you paired it with exercise. Short term means losing weight just because there is an important event and you want to look good on your dress, let say 2 months?

Anyway, I lost 5 pounds  on this diet (with no exercise). Again, results may very to each person who tried this diet, for some they lose already pounds after pounds even if they don't exercise. If the diet didn't work for me, maybe this will work for you. It is just a matter of how you plan your weight loss program. What you eat, what you replaced, what you remove, and what you do. Of course, if I may add, how determine and discipline you are.

Bake like a rock star: Programmer finds a new hobby - Baking

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It's been awhile since my last post and here again, another food-topic. One of my favorite cookies are the Chocolate chip cookies, any brand as long as its chocolate chip, hell even if it has only one choco chip piece, I would still try it.

Anyway, me and my sister baked our own chocolate chip cookies. This is my first time to bake and have zero knowledge of it ( I only know how to eat!). We followed Martha Stewart's chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe and add some granolas, which have been sitting on our fridge for a long now (time to make use of it eh). Anyway the result (drum rolls please):

I brought some of it to my workplace and have my friends rate it and give comments. One of my friends told me that the cookie she tried was half salty, I guess we have to lessen the salt into half teaspoon. One of them was speechless, maybe he was taste-struck (haha) And the verdict? It was 3/5. Not bad, will just try it again. How about you? Wanna try our cookies? :P