Bake like a rock star: Programmer finds a new hobby - Baking

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It's been awhile since my last post and here again, another food-topic. One of my favorite cookies are the Chocolate chip cookies, any brand as long as its chocolate chip, hell even if it has only one choco chip piece, I would still try it.

Anyway, me and my sister baked our own chocolate chip cookies. This is my first time to bake and have zero knowledge of it ( I only know how to eat!). We followed Martha Stewart's chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe and add some granolas, which have been sitting on our fridge for a long now (time to make use of it eh). Anyway the result (drum rolls please):

I brought some of it to my workplace and have my friends rate it and give comments. One of my friends told me that the cookie she tried was half salty, I guess we have to lessen the salt into half teaspoon. One of them was speechless, maybe he was taste-struck (haha) And the verdict? It was 3/5. Not bad, will just try it again. How about you? Wanna try our cookies? :P

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