Cha Dao is now open on SM City Sucat!

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Another milk tea store opens at SM City Sucat. So far, there are three milk tea stores on SM Sucat - Teariffic (I hope I spelled it correctly), SIP, and now, Cha Dao. Among the three, the latter is my favorite! I have already tried the first two stores mentioned but it doesn't make me go back again - maybe because Tearriffic has a few choices of teas, whilst SIP hmm it's located on building B and I seldom go there unless I have to.

Cha Dao is still on soft opening, but definitely I will always go back here for their milk tea :D.
Milk tea flavors

Matcha Green Tea by Cha Dao

Icebergs-Mall of Asia

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Yesterday, me and my sister (with her boyfriend) went to SM Mall of Asia to watch a movie. I was choosing between Hotel Transylvania and This Guy's Inlove With You Mare but since the latter has a longer line, we opted for the first one. Ayaw ng lola nyo ng mahabang pila eh!

Anyway, after watching Hotel Transylvania, we looked for a place to eat. I was looking for something new, something I never tried before ('nuff with the usual fast food) then I remembered that there is Icebergs just beside Congo Grille - the last time I went to MOA, it still under construction so I thought it might have been open already. Sorry, ilang dekada na din yata simula nung pumunta ako ng MOA.

Despite that it was Sunday, there are only few customers inside when we entered the restaurant (or maybe it is just too late na when we got there, it's already 9:30pm by that time). I ordered their best seller Sisig, while my sister had Lechon Kawali and her boyfriend tried the Boneless chicken barbeque. For dessert, we ordered their Black Forest Parfait and Super Halo-halo.

After 10 minutes or so, our orders were served already...

Sisig! Their best seller. I preferred that sisig is serve sizzling hot (tipong mausok-usok talaga, na pag kinain mo paso agad ang dila...haha) but this one , it really tasted good!

Lechon kawali, another must try too.

Boneless Chicken Barbecue. I was able to taste it because my sister gave me a piece. Nothing fancy but dunno if that's because the one I tasted has no sauce on it.

Black forest parfait, good enough but I don't like the taste of the Vanilla ice cream, the chocolate ice cream taste somewhat like Chuckie or maybe it's just me? :))

Super Halo-halo, I was not able to try this but it seems that my sister liked this one.

Will I go back here?
-Definitely yes! I'm already in love with their sisig. :)

SST Laptop Repair Shop Review

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Last week, I decided to have my father's one year old Toshiba Satellite L640 repaired at SST Laptop Repair shop - SM Center Las Pinas Branch. I was kinda hesitant at first if I will have the laptop repaired with them because I also saw another shop offering the same service with a no fix, no pay policy. But what made me choose them is because I knew that they have many branches and I thought that hey, they must be good.

This baby has been repaired

Anyway, the problem of the lappy at first (at  first because the second was all my fault, tehehe) was the processing of application is very slowwww, when I mean slow, it will took a minute before an application starts. My initial conclusion is that the laptop needs to be scanned - there might be a possibility that this is caused by a virus (the programmer in me starts to take it's action). But the laptop broke down during the scanning process and was automatically shut down. I opened again the laptop but it was much slower than the first time that even if I left it for almost an hour it won't even show the windows start up screen. I repeated it again, but same thing happened that it left me no choice but to reformat it. It was NOT successful, I reformated it for three times - 2 for Windows 7 and 1 for Ubuntu. but the problem was still there - no start up screen, everything is black. I was already furious by that time that I decided to use the recovery partition so that the laptop will go back to it's factory settings. But it didn't work! And the problem is much bigger than the first one. The laptop won't start at all and worst, there is no more Toshiba logo when turning on the laptop, that's when I decided to have it repaired.