Cha Dao is now open on SM City Sucat!

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Another milk tea store opens at SM City Sucat. So far, there are three milk tea stores on SM Sucat - Teariffic (I hope I spelled it correctly), SIP, and now, Cha Dao. Among the three, the latter is my favorite! I have already tried the first two stores mentioned but it doesn't make me go back again - maybe because Tearriffic has a few choices of teas, whilst SIP hmm it's located on building B and I seldom go there unless I have to.

Cha Dao is still on soft opening, but definitely I will always go back here for their milk tea :D.
Milk tea flavors

Matcha Green Tea by Cha Dao

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Thank you for your blog! Apologies for just seeing this now. Hope you drop by our store soon as we have just recently offered our Froth Blends and Salted Caramel Milk Teas that you can enjoy!

Thank you for your patronage!

Cha Dao Tea Place :)