Icebergs-Mall of Asia

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Yesterday, me and my sister (with her boyfriend) went to SM Mall of Asia to watch a movie. I was choosing between Hotel Transylvania and This Guy's Inlove With You Mare but since the latter has a longer line, we opted for the first one. Ayaw ng lola nyo ng mahabang pila eh!

Anyway, after watching Hotel Transylvania, we looked for a place to eat. I was looking for something new, something I never tried before ('nuff with the usual fast food) then I remembered that there is Icebergs just beside Congo Grille - the last time I went to MOA, it still under construction so I thought it might have been open already. Sorry, ilang dekada na din yata simula nung pumunta ako ng MOA.

Despite that it was Sunday, there are only few customers inside when we entered the restaurant (or maybe it is just too late na when we got there, it's already 9:30pm by that time). I ordered their best seller Sisig, while my sister had Lechon Kawali and her boyfriend tried the Boneless chicken barbeque. For dessert, we ordered their Black Forest Parfait and Super Halo-halo.

After 10 minutes or so, our orders were served already...

Sisig! Their best seller. I preferred that sisig is serve sizzling hot (tipong mausok-usok talaga, na pag kinain mo paso agad ang dila...haha) but this one , it really tasted good!

Lechon kawali, another must try too.

Boneless Chicken Barbecue. I was able to taste it because my sister gave me a piece. Nothing fancy but dunno if that's because the one I tasted has no sauce on it.

Black forest parfait, good enough but I don't like the taste of the Vanilla ice cream, the chocolate ice cream taste somewhat like Chuckie or maybe it's just me? :))

Super Halo-halo, I was not able to try this but it seems that my sister liked this one.

Will I go back here?
-Definitely yes! I'm already in love with their sisig. :)

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