Let it Snoe, so Snoe...

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Note: Long overdue post.

It's been a month since I updated my blog, too many activities this month hence the delay. ;(

Anyway, last month there's a new store in SM Sucat that attracts female visitors, well (I could still consider them as new right? tehehe) and that is none other than Snoe! The store opened officially second week of November at SM Sucat.

Their simple yet cute little store plus the products displayed on their shop is enough for me to be curious. So after reading some reviews on the net, I tried some of their products and these what I bought from last month's visit. Most of the items below were used for 4 weeks so I guess it's enough for me to tell whether I will still buy it again or not:

Sunblock, Glam, Handy Candy Lip Color, Snoe soap bars and foot therapy set.
The first thing I tried was their Sunblock.

What I like about this product?

  • The scent.
  • True to it's description, it is non greasy. 
  • No sticky feeling when applying.
  • After a month's use there is still 1/4 of it although I use it everyday. For me this is a good thing, considering that when I use lotions (with the same size) it won't even last that long.
What I don't like?

  • I don't really like that instant whitening effect on my skin though it fades after a couple of hours but after the application it looks like I put a baby powder (in a liquid form) all over my body. 
Will I buy this again?
  • No, due to reason that it has instant whitening effect since I am not really fair to begin with. Using this will make my skin color sooo unnatural. I will just opt to buy the one that has no instant whitening effect. :)

Next is their Handy Candy Lip color:

This one came in 3 different colors: pink, red, and brown. Very handy so I use it everyday. Nothing to say though it became my favorite on my "not so kikay" kit.

Bar soaps

Among these bar soaps, I have already tried the Papaya, Bleaching, Oatmeal and Cintronella. In terms of whitening effect since it has only been 4 weeks I could not still see any difference ( I could also say that since I went to the beach this month, I stop using the soaps which might hinder the effect).

Anyway among the 4 soaps, I really like the Papaya one, next would be the bleaching soap, then the oatmeal and last would be the Citronella. I could not give any detail reviews on these since I'm still testing the products. They might deliver their full potential when using one at a time. But for the face, I am certain that I would be using only the Papaya since it gives my face a certain glow. The bleaching soap is not too strong, I was surprised that it does have not sting effect on me which I really like whilst the oatmeal soap, the first time I tried it, I developed some rashes on my upper right arm which lasted for a few hours, good thing that the second time I used it, there are no more rashes. What I really like about this soap is the smell and I could really feel the dead skin off my skin when using this. The citronella soap is the least soap I like because of it's smell, for some reason I feel like puking the first time I used it (no kidding!). I am not overreacting but I don't really like the smell. Luckily after using it for couple of times, I became adjusted to it's smell but still...

Products that I bought but haven't tried:
  • Happy Heels - Foot therapy set
  • Glam