Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan

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Last November 14, Mom and I went to Cebu to celebrate her birthday. It is actually my post-birthday treat to her because her birthday is on October 19. But due to calamity experienced in Cebu, we moved the date a month after. Thankfully, Agoda, where we booked, allowed us to re-book our hotel stay.

Crimson Resort and Spa

Guernica's - The Best Paella in Town

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Guernica's Tapas bar and Restaurant is one the Philippines' first and finest Spanish restaurants (according to their website). Ever since I saw their tarpaulin on one of  lease spaces in SM Sucat, I knew, I have to watch out for their opening. Their slogan- "The Best Paella in Town" is something that I found enticing that have to find out if they have really the best paella.

Food Trip @ Zark's Burgers - BF Homes

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Lately, I've been eyeing BF Homes Parañaque for some restaurants and cafes to dine in. Today, with Macky (my brother) and Chris (cousin), we decided to try Zark's burger joint.

it's Fresh, it's Huge, it's Great, it's Zark's!

Walking down the memory lane: Bohol Trip

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After 10 long years, I went back to Bohol... The first visit I had was when my grandfather passed away.
It was not a vacation for me that time. I didn't able to appreciate the beauty that Bohol is. Sadness was the atmosphere during my stay there.

Then last year, together with my parents and my sibling, I went to the province for a vacation. Just to share, my father is actually a true blue Boholano. Too bad, his hometown is far away from the known destinations in the province. Good thing was,we didn't have to worry about the accommodation and tour guide because we have him. 

Spell Happiness. By the way, in case you are interested to connect with me, add me up on Facebook (see lower right of the picture for the link)

PLDT and their not so good customer service..

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I never thought that for once we will experience PLDT's customer service horror stories. Ever since I was little, we never had major problems with PLDT. Except that they disconnected their service because we were late in our payment (dati po yun hehe). Anyway, this year, we occasionally experience internet problems. Dati hindi naman ganun, lagi connected 24/7. 

Then came that fateful day when our internet was totally gone (nada,none,waley). I asked my mom if she already paid that month's due and she said yes. She even showed me the receipt. Internet became already necessity for me because of work (you know, those times that your boss asked you to work from home, answer important email,etc.) I immediately called their customer service hotline to report the problem. The answer? The customer representative said that a technician will go to check it after 24-48 hours. Okay, that's all, no workaround for the said problem. We waited for 2 days but no technician came in, kahit anino wala. After their 48 hours deadline, I called again to follow up the problem. Their reply? They have already reported it and there is no technician available yet. 

Cafe France-French Donuts

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It was last month when I heard about Cronuts in the news. Apparently, this pastry is a hit in New York. I found it amusing that for a piece of Cronut, people will line up for hours just to have this. I thought to myself that it must really that good since not everyone can afford to spent time falling in line just for a piece of bread..?(tehehe)

Anyway, I am not joining the club of Cronuts craze here in the Philippines. I just wanted to know what Cronut tasted like. Unfortunately that time, I only know one store that sells it's own version, which is Wildflour Cafe + Bakery and really, I don't want to exert too much effort going there.

French Donuts by Cafe France

Hola! Sunday Trippin' at Yexel's Museum.

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After months of being away in the blogging scene, I am back. No, I am not here to brag my progress with my weight loss journey (on which I have stated here that I'll make that journey successful). Yes, I did have a progress on the past months but I think I really have to work hard to achieve it. :(

Anyhoo, back to the topic. One of my long over due posts was my trip to Yexel's museum in Pilar Village, Las Pinas City, two months ago (it was Sunday).. I posted this since I found my trip to the museum enjoyable and worth sharing.

Yexel's Toy Museum

Happy V!

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Happy Valentine's day everyone from Zy with love. <3.
Can't believe that I got something too from our company. Sweet thing.

Enjoy this day with your love ones. Winks.

First step to make a healthy lifestyle

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One of my biggest problem in life is my on and off relationship with my weight. For the past two years, ever since I started working, I gained so much weight that only now I realized that I do not want to lead my life like this...everyday. From buffets, extra snacks, no exercise, plus a job that requires to be at your desk for eight hours fired up those fats on my body.

Image from johnstonefitness

Although I found happiness while attacking a tub of Selecta ice cream on our fridge, it didn't help to boost my self confidence that is slowly deteriorating. Everyone, including my relatives, noticed that unwanted shed of pounds and it made me sick and tired hearing those comments. That's when I realized that I really should have to do something. Not for others, not for someone but for me... Nakakapagod din kasi pala maging malaki. Alam mo yung feeling na may gusto kang damit na bilhin pero di mo din siya magagamit kasi di naman kasya sayo. Alam mo yung pakiramdam na walang size na mahanap para sayo. It was a very frustrating situation. Then one time, I just had enough. Gusto ko ng pumayat and I decided to start it NOW. So for my weight loss journey, I decided to enrolled at Elorde Boxing Gym, 3 times a week, and during weekends I do some weight lifting. Although I'm just starting , I'm happy on the feeling of getting sweat. I'm also glad that my family is very supported with my journey. And I promised to myself that this will be a successful journey...