First step to make a healthy lifestyle

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One of my biggest problem in life is my on and off relationship with my weight. For the past two years, ever since I started working, I gained so much weight that only now I realized that I do not want to lead my life like this...everyday. From buffets, extra snacks, no exercise, plus a job that requires to be at your desk for eight hours fired up those fats on my body.

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Although I found happiness while attacking a tub of Selecta ice cream on our fridge, it didn't help to boost my self confidence that is slowly deteriorating. Everyone, including my relatives, noticed that unwanted shed of pounds and it made me sick and tired hearing those comments. That's when I realized that I really should have to do something. Not for others, not for someone but for me... Nakakapagod din kasi pala maging malaki. Alam mo yung feeling na may gusto kang damit na bilhin pero di mo din siya magagamit kasi di naman kasya sayo. Alam mo yung pakiramdam na walang size na mahanap para sayo. It was a very frustrating situation. Then one time, I just had enough. Gusto ko ng pumayat and I decided to start it NOW. So for my weight loss journey, I decided to enrolled at Elorde Boxing Gym, 3 times a week, and during weekends I do some weight lifting. Although I'm just starting , I'm happy on the feeling of getting sweat. I'm also glad that my family is very supported with my journey. And I promised to myself that this will be a successful journey...

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