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It was last month when I heard about Cronuts in the news. Apparently, this pastry is a hit in New York. I found it amusing that for a piece of Cronut, people will line up for hours just to have this. I thought to myself that it must really that good since not everyone can afford to spent time falling in line just for a piece of bread..?(tehehe)

Anyway, I am not joining the club of Cronuts craze here in the Philippines. I just wanted to know what Cronut tasted like. Unfortunately that time, I only know one store that sells it's own version, which is Wildflour Cafe + Bakery and really, I don't want to exert too much effort going there.

French Donuts by Cafe France

Thursday this week when I decided to drop by at SM Makati. While passing by at the Cafe France's area in second floor, I noticed that they are selling...tadah...Cronuts! They called their version as French Donuts. Since I am curious with these goodies, I decided to check it first. They have three flavors- Classic Chocolate,Lemon Custard and Salted Caramel. They are priced at Php 99.00 per piece. Since I don't really know the typical price range of Cronuts, I found the price too steep considering that it's only one piece (nakabili na ako nung favorite cheesecake ko at may sukli pa)!

I decided to hold my excitement trying their Cronuts so that night I went home without buying and went there again yesterday (it was just walking distance from the office). I only bought their Classic Chocolate variant to test taste.

On the packaging:
It was nice that their Cronut is sealed tightly on a plastic container. I don't have to worry that it will break into pieces once I got home.

On the Cronut itself:
The taste is okay, soft crust but it's oily. It's kinda messy when I eat it using my hands. The chocolate flavor is not that sweet (which for me is just okay). I already consumed half of my cronut when I tasted a bit of coffee in it. Dunno if that's an added flavor...errr.. haha.

Classic Chocolate Flavor

Donut na croissant o Croissant na donut? :D

See how oily it is?

Anyway, this french donut is just okay but the next time I'll go to Cafe France, I'd rather buy their other breads than this one.

How about you? Have you already tasted/tried other version of "Cronuts"?  

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