Hola! Sunday Trippin' at Yexel's Museum.

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After months of being away in the blogging scene, I am back. No, I am not here to brag my progress with my weight loss journey (on which I have stated here that I'll make that journey successful). Yes, I did have a progress on the past months but I think I really have to work hard to achieve it. :(

Anyhoo, back to the topic. One of my long over due posts was my trip to Yexel's museum in Pilar Village, Las Pinas City, two months ago (it was Sunday).. I posted this since I found my trip to the museum enjoyable and worth sharing.

Yexel's Toy Museum

Yexel's museum is own by Yexel Sebastian (hence the name). He was a member of Streetboys(correct me if I'm wrong) and a toy collector. The toy museum just opened last year with an entrance of Php 300 per head. Sometimes you might get lucky to chance upon Yexel in his museum but too bad for us, he already left when we came in the museum. There were only few visitors during the time we came...

The toy museum showcases mini to life size toys of different cartoons,anime and game characters. Below are some of the pictures we took during our trip. Note, you must bring your camera when going here for that unlimited photo ops!  This is the perfect time to practice toy photography with lots of figurines to be your subject (bleh).

Nobita and Doraemon

Disney Section

Mas matangkad sila kesa sa akin :)

Sugod mga kapatid!

Kawaii! <3


Iron Man figurines

Mighty Thor

Star Wars 

Pacman baby ;)

Street Fighters, they also have life size when you go up the second floor


The Avengers

Batman Characters


Sexy Lady

Run, Little, Run!

One Piece

Dragon Balls

Lupin is jealous with...Lupin?!

What are you thinking Lupin? Fujiko is just behind you. :D

Planning for the next mission (seryosong usapan daw)

Naruto characters

Team Shohoku

Minions are present too

You're so dead now Goku!

Uhhh,, pitiful Sakuragi ~_~.

And the highlight of this trip (**drum rolls**) is the Optimus Prime head bust ! 

And of course, our photo ops inside the museum...

Me as Chubli... :))

Kamukha ko na ba si Hulk? :)))

Different expressions daw 

We really enjoyed our trip in the museum. We just hope that Yexel will add more toys on his collections. Probably more life size toys and full body of optimus prime? (hehe kidding).  

For more information regarding Yexel's Toy Museum, please visit their FB page.

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