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Lately, I've been eyeing BF Homes Parañaque for some restaurants and cafes to dine in. Today, with Macky (my brother) and Chris (cousin), we decided to try Zark's burger joint.

it's Fresh, it's Huge, it's Great, it's Zark's!

I was not really into burgers so I'm hoping that this food trip will be worth the drive. Armed with only our hungry tummies, we headed to President's Avenue to face our enemy.  I knew that Zark's is famous for their burgers ala Man versus Food style (talking about their Jawbreaker and Tombstone burgers) but we are not there to kill ourselves yet. Not at this first visit. So we ordered the weaker burgers especially me (I dare not to try their Jawbreaker/Tombstone).

What we had:
I chose American All Star burger, a classic bacon cheese burger. Just my kind of burger.. <3

Macky's choice:
Blue cheese burger - Topped with mushroom and creamy blue cheese dressing.

Me: Bakit kaya tinawag na blue cheese burger yan? Alin kaya yung Blue?
Macky: Sira, ang cheese yung blue dyan.
Me: Sorry naman, malay ko bang may blue cheese pala, akala ko hiwalay yung blue sa cheese eh... :)) (sa susunod kasi magbasa ng menu ng maigi).

Chris choice:
Zark's ultimate burger - burger in a bed of veggies with cheese sauce topped with mushroom and bacon

When I saw Chris' burger, I wanted to exchange my order because it has also mushrooms!

The place is simple and homey. There were only few people when we went there (it's 3pm in the afternoon)  which is a good thing.

Our verdict:
Worth visiting and worth yer money. We'll go back there because Macky wants to try the Tombstone challenge. Let's see if he could actually beat that mammoth burger or be the one to put down the fork and say~ "I surrender". 'Til next time. :)

a.k.a Carlzy. You can call me Zy or Carla. 20 year old something. A Computer Science graduate. Part-time IT gal and a full time wanderer. Loves watching movies, anime, and dramas. Romantic but not hopeless. Fun Photography. Foodie addict. CHEESECAKE LOVER.


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