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Guernica's Tapas bar and Restaurant is one the Philippines' first and finest Spanish restaurants (according to their website). Ever since I saw their tarpaulin on one of  lease spaces in SM Sucat, I knew, I have to watch out for their opening. Their slogan- "The Best Paella in Town" is something that I found enticing that have to find out if they have really the best paella.

Finally, the long wait is over. Yesterday, we went to SM Sucat and noticed that Guernica's is now open to serve its customers. It's a right timing as we have an appointment later in that afternoon and we're already starving. Once you enter the restaurant, you can really feel the Spanish vibe. The restaurant is rather small which I anticipated anyway.
Pictures on the wall
We were greeted by their crew. There were only two customers eating that time which is rather strange since its lunch time already. Anyway on the menu:

As you can see there were few choices but if you check their website some of the orders here are not included. In short, their menu is not complete. I'm a little bit disappointed as I need to ask the waiter if they have other choices to offer. I have to take note too that most of these orders are single serve. I just realized this after visiting their website. 

Anyway after scanning the menu, we settled for one of their best selling paellas- A la Valenciana (which is good for 3-4 person for a regular size), Calamares Fritos, Churros, and 2 orders of Leche flan.

Our order came and dunno if I'm just really hungry but I found their regular serving of paella too small for 4 persons. Since we're sure that this is not enough for our lunch, my mom ordered another which is Caldereta de Vaca. Pardon for the unappealing pictures. :)))

Paella A la Valenciana. Their paella is good but not the best
Caldereta de Vaca (served with rice), taste is just okay but I prefer a spicy version of this (and theirs is not)

Churros! My favorite among our orders

Leche flan for two...not sweet
After our lunch, we're still unsatisfied (or we just have big tummies? hahaha). We felt that our orders are overpriced for their size...

Will I go back here?:
Yes but definitely not sooner. I'm hoping that they would make improvements especially on the menu! Since they are still in soft opening, I'll give them another shot.

SM Sucat Building B, beside Yellow Cab

Santana Grove
Dr. A. Santos Ave.
Sucat, Paranaque City 1700

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