PLDT and their not so good customer service..

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I never thought that for once we will experience PLDT's customer service horror stories. Ever since I was little, we never had major problems with PLDT. Except that they disconnected their service because we were late in our payment (dati po yun hehe). Anyway, this year, we occasionally experience internet problems. Dati hindi naman ganun, lagi connected 24/7. 

Then came that fateful day when our internet was totally gone (nada,none,waley). I asked my mom if she already paid that month's due and she said yes. She even showed me the receipt. Internet became already necessity for me because of work (you know, those times that your boss asked you to work from home, answer important email,etc.) I immediately called their customer service hotline to report the problem. The answer? The customer representative said that a technician will go to check it after 24-48 hours. Okay, that's all, no workaround for the said problem. We waited for 2 days but no technician came in, kahit anino wala. After their 48 hours deadline, I called again to follow up the problem. Their reply? They have already reported it and there is no technician available yet. 

Anyway this time, the customer rep did something on the other line (check her computer maybe?), she confirmed that we had trouble on our line. After that she said to kindly wait for the technician. This time she never said any dates. Hintayin nalang daw. I was in the verge of nagging the customer rep but hold my temper, baka lalo hindi ayusin yung internet,haha. To cut the long story short, the technician went to our place after two weeks! I kept on bugging the customer hotline to check the problem immediately (ayoko mangyari yung katulad dun sa isang nabasa ko,similar incident, inabot ng 3 months bago naayos ang net). What they did? They upgraded our telephone line to Telpad. Clever. Very clever PLDT. 

So after that incident, we experienced speedy internet. I was happy because of that. Kinalimutan ko na lang yung disappointment ko sa customer service nila. Unfortunately again, just 2 weeks because of Maring, our newly upgraded modem got malfunction and no choice but to replace it. I called again the customer hotline. Their usual response-please wait after 24-48 hours. 48 hours have passed, still no one from PLDT came to our house. I knew that this will happen. The result? I went to the nearest PLDT business center to replace our modem. Bottom line is if they said that I have to go the nearest business center to replace our device, it will be more acceptable than waiting for their technician to came after what? 4 days? 5 days? 1 week? And take note, they still charging you for the full month's due.

Tip: After our modem replacement incident, instead of calling their hotline, just go to one of their nearest business centers. Some SM malls have PLDT centers. It is much time saver doing that. This is only applicable for device replacements. :)

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