Walking down the memory lane: Bohol Trip

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After 10 long years, I went back to Bohol... The first visit I had was when my grandfather passed away.
It was not a vacation for me that time. I didn't able to appreciate the beauty that Bohol is. Sadness was the atmosphere during my stay there.

Then last year, together with my parents and my sibling, I went to the province for a vacation. Just to share, my father is actually a true blue Boholano. Too bad, his hometown is far away from the known destinations in the province. Good thing was,we didn't have to worry about the accommodation and tour guide because we have him. 

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If my first visit in the province was a gloomy one, this time, I can say that my stay there was great. And why not? There are lots of beautiful places like...

Sagbayan Peak
View from Sagbayan peak

The famous chocolate hills
Cute little tarsier
Man made forest
Loboc River
Blood Compact Site
Butterfly Sanctuary
And you can do some activities too...
Go and explore Hinagdanan Cave


Of course, this tour would not be complete without going to a beach. We went to Dumaluan Beach Resort and availed their day tour package. Would you believe that we just paid Php 300++ good for 20 pax for their picnic cottage (inclusive of entrace fee)?! In Cavite/Batangas you would not even get a decent beach front on that price. By the way, we are 24 in the group who went in the beach resort (we invite some of our relatives to join us here), without having second thoughts I paid the amount  (Ito yung tamang time para manlibre...haha) 

Peaceful Panglao. I could live forever here <3

I was amazed, I learned that you don't have to pay that much to be in this beautiful place. After the outing, we went back to Tubigon (where my relatives live) and prepare for our flight back to Manila the next day. It was a great experience for me and for my sibling. There are other sites that we haven't visited yet but plan to on the next time we'll go back here.

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Hi Sonny,
Thanks for the visit, yes, Bohol is such a really nice place. :)

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