Sol y Viento Review - A celebration with the Sun and Wind

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Sorry for the cheesy title. ^_^

Anyway, this is a long overdue post. On August 22, Leonard and I celebrated our monthsary, it's actually a 3 in 1 celebration - my birthday, our monthsary, and Leonard's birthday.

Sol y Viento is one of our top choices in going to Pansol, Laguna. We booked our room via Agoda and chose the Cabana room with indoor jacuzzi. We were very excited on the place and can't wait to spend our weekend there...

Sol y Viento

Going in Sol y Viento is easy, we just rode a bus and a tricycle. Before going on this trip, we decided to buy our snacks/lunch/dinner so that we don't need to dine in at the resort's restaurant. At exactly 2pm, we were already at the resort. I failed to take photos of the reception. :(

Our cabana room is at the farthest location (please take note - Cabana 8). We went there riding a golf car and it will not take 5mins. We were a little bit disappointed with the Cabana because this is not what we pictured out on the room. I guess, every cabana has different styles. Below what the cabana looks inside.

Excuse me for the white plastic bag

Most photos are zoomed in because I got 40mm lens for my canon 100d which is not very ideal if you want to take pictures in this kind of scenario. Darn it!

Our room has the following amenities:

  • Mini Kitchen (microwave, mini ref, electric boling water)
  • Flat screen tv with digital usb player? (please correct me if I'm wrong haha).
  • Indoor jacuzzi (this is what we really paid here)

What we like in our room:

  • It is almost complete. Everything we need is in there.
  • It has table and chairs where we could eat our baon
  • The jacuzzi (of course!)

What we don't like (well most of these things are based on Leonard's input, knowing he is so particular in things):
  • The hot shower sometimes work, sometimes not
  • The sink in the comfort room and in the kitchen is barado.
  • The toiletries only consist of shampoo? (We expect that somehow there is atleast soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste, even if we have our own)
  • The digital usb player (this is not really a downside but since we thought that they have a dvd player, it makes us unhappy that we could not watch movie for the night as we planned...haha)
  • And most of all, we are in the farthest location.
View in the Jacuzzi area

After resting for a bit, Leonard and I went to the pool area and just swim until 7pm. We just did endless talking and picture taking.. haha. There are only few people in the pool area even if all the cabanas are booked that day. 

I planned to dance with Leonard that night after we swim but got shy because it sounds so corny (even if he wants it too..hahaha). On the other hand, Leonard wants us to wake up early and take a picture with the sunrise (aww, even if he's masunget, he could be so sweet too). We also decided to try and order some of the resort's room service. We ordered soup and ice cream (I know we are so cheapo, We have so many snacks na kasi. Haha). The soup tasted good but the ice cream is  ordinary. Afterwards, we just watch the available program that night at HBO and then another endless kwentuhan and kulitan. hehe.

Below are our pictures we have at the resort. Enjoy viewing! :

Cabana 8


View of the Laguna Lake

And my favorite subject... :)

Preparing our lunch

Leonard doing some tricky shadow acts


The most beautiful sunrise I have seen
Definitely another memorable day for us and I'm looking forward for another days like this with you, Leonard. ^_^

Contact details:

Tel no.: (049) 545 0052 | (02) 861 4003
Mobile: 0917 568 4294
New Mobile: 0917 534 8684

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Great read and awesome photos! =)

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Hi Zy,

I just want to ask if they have a corkage fee? :)