Just Love

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They say that anything that falls...breaks.  Me? Just take a risk, enjoy life but don't fall in love. Just love. Love unconditionally. Love as if you were never hurt before. Love as if this is the last time. Love as if it's always the first time. Love even if it hurts. Love as if now is the only time you have...

Me + You = US

When I was younger, I believed for a fairy tale like love story.  But then, I fell in love. Much bittersweet than any of those stories that I have read or heard. Iba pala pag ikaw na yung gumagawa ng sarili mong love story. Mas exciting, mas masarap, mas nakakakilig, mas spontaneous. Everyday seems a new chapter. Ang ending hindi mo alam. Ang kontrabida hindi pa dumadating. Ang challenges nandyan lang sa tabi parati. I learned it the hard way. I broke my heart into pieces. Kasalanan ko kasi eh. Hinayaan ko yung sarili ko sa lugar na yun. It was a very traumatic experience for me and I was afraid to feel the same pain all over again. I don't want to share that pain to anyone hence I hold that feeling longer to what was expected. It was like an addiction that I can't escape but thankfully, thankfully I woke up. I woke up from a dream that was bad even before the beginning. Minsan kailangan din talaga dumating sa point na mauntog ka eh.

Then I met you... You who became a constant irritation in my eyes the moment we sit in together in the office. You were so noisy. You are smart but were proud. You were so child like in many ways. I don't really like you at first and I think we feel the same way with each other. What happened? I don't know. I don't know when I began to like you. From the long chats, playing grand chase, your stories, my stories. I don't know, I just found myself liking you. So I took the risk of loving you. I took a risk of breaking my heart again. This time, no expectations. I know we can hurt each other. I know there will be arguments. I know there will be times that we'll disagree with each other. I know we can hate then love each other afterwards. But it doesn't matter anyway because it is the risk I took. As long as we know how to work it out, as long as we understand each other, as long as we make up at the end of the day. I know, I know, everything will be okay.  So this is me...just loving you. 

a.k.a Carlzy. You can call me Zy or Carla. 20 year old something. A Computer Science graduate. Part-time IT gal and a full time wanderer. Loves watching movies, anime, and dramas. Romantic but not hopeless. Fun Photography. Foodie addict. CHEESECAKE LOVER.