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Last December 13,2014, my brother got a free accommodation for 6 persons at Club Balai Isabel in Talisay Batangas courtesy of my father's acquaintance. Since the accommodation is valid until only that day, me, being that "sayang naman, tara na libre naman" kinda girl, went ahead with my family without second thoughts. Biglaan lakad 'ika nga. haha. The check-in time was at 3pm so we still have enough time to go there. Our plan was to buy our foods along the way since according to my brother we can bring our own baon. Unfortunately, yung supposedly 3pm time na dating namin eh naging isang drawing nalang at nakadating na kami ng resort ng 7pm. Yung kapatid ko may lakad, hinintay pa makauwi at sa di malamang dahilan traffic sa Aguinaldo Highway. We went there via Tagaytay route (if you'll use this route, be sure that your car is in a good condition).

Although it's already dinner time when we went there, resort guests are still coming in. The place looks like a compound. The reception is simple and only few spots have WiFi zones.  We stayed at Villa Mataas na Kahoy. So what did our room like, please see photos below for a sneak peek (forgave me as I'm still using my 40mm lens here):

Mini kitchen where we can cook our food

Additional bed 

Free toiletries

Our baon (ooppps, hindi po kami mga lasengga) haha

Club Balai nighters

They have a map in case you want to explore the whole place

The mirror shot
After eating our dinner, we went to explore the resort. Time for nighttime shots, haha.

Bike rentals: 150php per hour and the operation is between 6am to 6pm.

 There are three pools in the resort. We only had the chance to visit the main pool and the one in the restaurant area. The other one was near the sports facility area. By the way, there was a wedding celebration when we got here. And I think it's very good to have your wedding celebrated here because the setup is soo beautiful.

Wedding Celebration

Main Pool

Aww, sweet
After that we headed to the restaurant to check the area.

Resort's restaurant

Then we decided to sleep na. Gusto pa sana namin maligo kasi until 12mn naman open yung main pool but we just opted to swim the next day...

Morning view of the restaurant

Taal volcano is just within the sight 

Konting kembot nalang pala malapit sa Taal

At dahil kagabi ko pa gustong magbike...

One happy girl

And if you have kiddos, there is also a playground for them:

The place is really good for photo ops as there are many beautiful spots inside the resort.

And we're so lucky there is a rainbow!

After some photo ops, we decided to swim na.

Crystal blue

And if you want some fun activities, the resort also have water sports for you to try:

The resort also has an area where you can do fishing but as of this writing it is not operational. According to the personnel, the area is destroyed due to typhoon.

All in all, this trip is worth it and why would not be? It's free after all haha. Sadly, we didn't able to maximize the trip because we came in late but nonetheless it's fun having a relaxation here. There are so many activities you can do at the resort and there is also a church nearby. In case you needed to buy something, you can go outside and go the nearest store just like what we did where we went to 711 just a few minutes away.

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