What's your new year resolution?

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2016 is almost near and most of us are preparing for their new year's eve celebration. But of course, aside from the celebration, resolutions are one of our popular to-do list this coming year. For me, my 2016 will focus more on my financial and health status. I realized that I am waaaay beyond my goal of 1 million before 30. Yup, I have that weird goal. I figured that I mismanaged my money these past few years that my net worth is little compared to what is expected my age. Anyway, what I am happy about is that I started 2015 by investing some of my money in UITF, then ending the year by investing in Mutual Funds and Stocks. I plan to continue it and do it regularly. As a first step for my 1 million by 30 goal, I bought  and read the following books to gain financial literacy:

  • Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Easy Money Para sa Kababaihan by Francisco J. Colayco
  • Wealth within your reach by F.J.Colayco
  • Making your money work by F.J.Colayco
  • Think Rich Pinoy by Larry Gamboa
I already finished them all and somehow, I felt positive toward my financial future. I suggest to add this on your resolution-to gain financial literacy.  There are many mistakes and decisions that I made especially on money matters. But I realized that it's not too late to leave the rat race. It will be late if I'll never start doing it. 

As for the health, two months ago, I was operated because I have an ovarian cyst. An experienced that I don't want to happen anymore, so I'm taking an extra care for myself. This year, I started by subscribing to a diet service for two weeks, It didn't last long, so this up coming year, I plan to make my own healthy meals. Of course, I plan to couple it with an exercise that is okay with my doctor. Sadly, I am not allowed to do some weight lifting...for how long, I don't know.  I really need to remove the excess weight or else I might undergo another operation. Geez, ang hirap maging girl! Oppss, correction - mahirap maging girl na may hormonal imbalance. lol. 

So that's it, only two new year resolutions. Not too many but not too ambitious right? And if you noticed, these are not really resolutions but rather long term plans that I'll start with baby steps. How about you? What's your new year resolution? 

Nayong Pilipino in Clark Pampanga

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I couldn't remember when was the last time I visited Nayong Pilipino. I think I was in elementary and that time it was near in NAIA. Now, Nayong Pilipino is located in Clark Pampanga. Mas malayo na siya compared dati. I celebrated Christmas with Leonard's family here.  Not my usual way of celebrating Christmas but it's fun anyway. 

Since it's holiday, the roadtrip to Pampanga is quite breezy. I realized that very few tourists go in this side unlike if you go to Enchanted or Star City where you'll just waste your time in lining up for the rides. The admission fee in Nayong Pilipino costs Php 150.00. I don't know if this is the usual rate or was increased because it's holiday. I just found it too expensive. 

BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick

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I was on a lookout for a new lipstick this Christmas. I'm not really into lipsticks but for some reasons, I like wearing one now. I wanted to do some new makeovers this holiday season so having this on my list is pretty nice. Initially, I wanted to buy MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick but I find it too expensive. I might reconsider it next time because I really love it's color. 

Anyway, while waiting for Leonard's driving orientation to finish, I went inside SM MOA's department store. I was looking for a matte lipstick at the NYX cosmetics area when a saleslady approached me and offered another brand. She introduced an Australian brand named BYS or Be Yourself. The saleslady gave their latest lip color line which is the Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick. 
BYS Liquid Lipstick. Photo from fashionaddict

Flawless Fractional Needle Review - Update

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Thank God, it's Friday! And it's my fourth day since my Fractional needle treatment from Flawless, please see review here. So here's my skin current status:

I woke up like this
My I woke up like this look
As you can see, my skin looks as if I have a natural blush. Shocks, feeling ko ang ganda ko haha. It is so much better than the first day. Only one pimple appeared on my jaw area after, I still have few blemishes though. I did not experience peeling or whatsoever. For 4 days I avoided wearing any makeups, just the cream provided by the doctor and sunblock. I even attended 2 job interviews yesterday (how cool is that).  I'm just using cetaphil as my soap. My skin looks smoother than before but I still need to address my larges pores. There are still acne scars of course but I'm happy that there's already an improvement after the first session.

Mga hugot kapag heart broken this Christmas

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Ilang kembot nalang at malapit na naman ang pasko. Christmas party doon, christmas party dito tapos bigla mo naisip na part ka din ngayon ng SMP - Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko o pwede din Samahan ng mga Maglalandi sa Pasko. Siyempre, bago ang damit, bago ang shoes, dapat irampa yan this season. Pero dahil HB ka (read: heart broken) dahil sa hinayupak mong ex, ngalngal nalang muna sa tabi at iwasan ang mga ganitong tao/bagay na maaaring magpaalala sa kanya (hugot muna tayo ngayon, haha):


"Patawad!" - Linya sa mga pobreng nangangaroling kapag ayaw magbigay. Oo ganyan naman sinasabi kahit ginawa mo naman lahat. Yung Joy to the world, x10 mo na ata kinanta pero wa epek pa rin. Patawad, patawad kasi di na kita mamahalin. Ouch!

Flawless Fractional Needle Therapy Review

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Today, I decided to have an acne scar treatment for my face. You see, I've been battling acne scars for so long. I've tried chemical peels such as glycolic, tca, diamond and even pixel, but due to some budget constraints, results are not significant. I knew that I have hormonal imbalance so getting rid of acne was my major problem but the aftermath is another thing. I think I've been battling acne scars longer than I was treating my acne! Fortunately, these past few years I didn't break out anymore. 

Although mine was not that severe, still, it causes some minor self esteem issues. I went to Flawless SM Center Las Pinas to have a consultation regarding my case. Initially, my plan is to get their easy peel because I wanted to get rid the blemishes and my scars. But after my discussion with the doctor, we opted for their Fractional Needle Therapy (Retinol) so that it will target even my deep acne scars which the easy peel will not be able to address. 

Happy Cream Puff for a Happy kid

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Last Saturday, Leonard and I went to SM MOA for his driving orientation at A1. Finally, I will have my own driver soon (joke, haha). Gusto na daw nya kasi matuto magdrive, well actually dapat noon pa siya dapat mag-aaral kaso busy at medyo may kamahalan din talaga yung driving lesson. So after his orientation, we strolled inside the mall. Tagal na din kasi namin di nagdedate eh, imagine naman almost 2 months akong palaging tengga sa bahay. Just before we went home, we passed by at this small stall of happy cream puffs. I only tried Beard Papa's cream puff and I can say that I really liked it though I think it's just too pricey so minsan lang ako bumili. When I saw this Happy Cream puff store, I was immediately caught up because of the price of the cream puffs, di na ako nagdalawang isip nung nakita ko yung presyo, for Php 200.00 you will have 10 cream puffs! Not bad noh? I mean compared to Beard Papa's cream puff, it is a good deal.

happy cream puff
Happy Cream Puff

Hong Kong 2015 Travel notes (Budget, Guide etc.)

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Last part of my Hong Kong travel series. For the 4th part click here.

welcome to hong kong

My life as an employee.

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When I was in high school, programming is something that I didn't realize I'll be doing for the rest(?) of my life. The pressure of every body in my batch taking up nursing course makes me an outcast. Alam mo yung lahat ng tao sa paligid mo wants you take nursing as a course. Kesyo malaki ang possibility na makaka-abroad ka, malaki ang kita.  Kung ihahalintulad siya eh, ang nursing parang fashion, siya yung trend noong batch namin. Pag di nursing ang kinuha mo,may magtatanong, bakit hindi nursing ang kinuha mo? 

Photo credits to: http://zamnar.com/377819.html
And frankly, computer science course is not on my top list too. But why I decided to took this course? Well, there are several factors to consider: my best friend is taking an IT course, siyempre, para kaming tuko na di pwede maghiwalay, I decided to take a similar path; si crush computer science ang kinuha (edi ako gaya-gaya din, haha, I know it sounds mababaw pero may sira yata utak ko noon eh), na-addict ako sa pag-gawa gawa ng html/css (uso yan sa friendster/myspace noon, pagandahan ng profile) akala ko ganun lang din ang programming, ayoko na pagsisikan ang sarili ko sa mundo ng nursing kasi si kuya nagtake din ng nursing eh (pero eventually, di nya tinapos at kumuha ng IT).

So when I entered college, tsenen, hindi pala htm/css ang gagawin ko - java, c++, cobol, php (dito nagamit ko yung html/css, tandem sila eh). There are times that I did want to give up my course and choose something na kayang kaya ko ipasa.

Now, I'm celebrating my 5 years as an IT professional. It's a long walk. Sometimes I just wanted to stop at hindi porke tapos ka na ng college eh hindi ka na mag-aaral. It's not. You should continue building up knowledge. Continue studying, continue learning new technologies. If you will not do it, magsasawa ka kasi parang feeling mo di ka nag-gogrow, parang wala kang natutunan. So this is my advice to myself - to learn because there is so much to learn. Learning doesn't stop at school, it stops when you don't want to. So happy 5 years! Hey, let's move forward shall we?

Hong Kong 2015 - Disneyland

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4th part of my Hong Kong travel series. For 3rd part click here.

Our last day in Hong Kong was a whole day tour in HK Disneyland! Of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world! It is one of my bucket list before my 30th birthday you know. Ever since I was a child, it was my dream to go here, too see mickey mouse and the gang. Because we don't have that much money when I was little, I just hope that someday I'll be able to go here and surprised, this is that "someday". Dreams do really came true after all. 

hong kong disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong 2015 - Hong Kong 3D art museum (One piece 3D art)

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3nd part of my Hong Kong travel series. For 2nd part click here.

This was my first 3D museum trip ever. I know here in Philippines, we have Art in Island. a 3D museum as well but I haven't been there and I plan to visit it soon. Anyway, back to the topic... I must admit medyo mataas expectation ko sa 3D museum na 'to. I was expecting some kind of amazing building with one piece art, 3D images displayed outside. Naligaw pa nga kami sa kakaikot not knowing that we already passed by the entrance. it is located at 96 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui. Once you saw the HKD 3D banner, that's it.

Upon arriving there, only few people are inside the museum. I advise to go in the morning so you can have your sweet time taking your pictures or else, wait for your turn on each 3D art piece.

hk3d museum

A KraZy Christmas Giveaway

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Thank you for those who supported this blog giveaway.

Hi Guys!
Christmas is getting nearer and I want to be a Santa(-nas). So I'm give something for yer sweet tooth (perfect for this upcoming holiday). Krazy for Sweets is a relatively new business that offers Dessert and Candy buffet for events such as Christening, Birthday parties, etc. They started the business last year and have already catered various events. They also sell goodies such as cupcakes, candies, tarts, etc. And if you need baking tools/supplies, they also have Sorbets, a pastry/baking tools shop.

What's the prize?
Php 1,000 worth of Krazy For Sweets items (your choice):
  • Smores
  • Brownies
  • Tarts
  • Cookie Cups
  • Choco Crinkles
  • Red Velvet Crinkles
  • etc.

What's the catch?
You just need to do these 4 easy steps:
  • Like Krazy For Sweets and Sorbets facebook fanpage
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"Get a chance to win Php 1,000.00  worth of sweets or items from Krazy for Sweets!"

Where to get your prize?
You may claim your prize on the following locations and schedules of Krazy for Sweets booth:
  • GT Tower Makati (December 3-4)
    • Food Court, 12th Floor, GT Tower, H.V. Dela Costa Street Corner Ayala Avenue, Salcedo Village, Makati City
  • PBCom Tower Makati (December 7-11)
    • Food Patio, 7th Floor, PBCom Tower, 6795 Ayala Avenue Corner V.A. Rufino Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
  • Philam Life Tower Makati (December 14-18)
    • Food Arcade, 9th Floor, Philam Life Tower, Paseo de Roxas, Salcedo Village, Makati City
  • Open for Philippine Residents only
  • Only one lucky winner will get the prize
  • Winner will be notified via their Facebook page within 24 hours after the contest 
This is my first giveaway so please support this one. Para next time meron ulit (chos!). Good luck! 

Hong Kong 2015 - Lantau Island (Giant Buddha and the best Cable Car experience)

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2nd part of my Hong Kong travel series. For 1st part click here.

For our second tour, we decided to go to Ngong Ping Village via Cable Car. Prior to this trip, we already bought our tickets online. May expiration date yung tickets so no choice kami kundi pumunta sa Ngong Ping. Pero kapag nga naman minamalas kami, upon checking the weather forecast on Accuweather, there was a thunderstorm. Another rainy day for us. Pero dahil mga pasaway kami at talagang walang makakapigil, go pa rin kami. So we took the MTR and dropped off at the Tung Chung station. 

Pagdating namin sa Cable car station, mahaba na ang pila pero since there was a thunderstorm warning, customers were not able to buy tickets. The cable car operation was closed. Yup, such an unfortunate event for us. We talked to some of the staff, luckily they allowed us to go to the ticket booth for us to have a refund. When we got to the ticket booth, we still asked if we could ride the Cable car. Ang kulit namin noh? haha. May thunderstorm na nga, gusto pa lumarga. The officer in charge said that we could ride the cable car if the thunderstorm signal has been lifted. So we decided to wait and pray that we could ride....

Please kuya officer let us ride the cable car...please:(

Hong Kong 2015 - Ocean Park

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This is the 1st part (1/5) of my Hong Kong travel series this year. 

Last August, I went to Hong Kong as a birthday gift to myself. Together with my friend, Shiena and her two office mates, we stayed there from August 13-18. This is a DIY tour and we skipped some of the iconic spots such as Avenue of Stars, Clock Tower, Wax Museum. You might say "WTF, going to Hong Kong without touring those places?!" Err, let's just say that we want there for shopping purposes, I mean most of my companions went there for that purpose. But let's leave it as another story.  

Ocean Park is the first attraction in our itinerary. Compared to Manila Ocean Park, HK's OP is way better and bigger to the point that I wanted to die due to exhaustion (just kidding). Unfortunately, the weather is not good when we went there. Imagine yourself walking in the rain plus no extra t-shirt, it's like you're ready for a cheap drama. We almost looked like basang sisiw throughout the whole day.

Doha, Qatar Travel Notes (Do's and Don'ts)

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This is the last part of my Doha Travel Series. For the 3rd part please click here.

Souq Waqif
Qatar is already an open country but you must still respect their culture. Did you know that the country only composed of 15% locals? Well I can't believe it too. There are so many foreigners and Pinoys! In our client site there are about more than 10 pinoys working. Anyway, I listed down some notes regarding my travel: 

  • Wear long sleeves and pants for girls. DON'T wear shorts or sleeveless. Well for me this is not a problem because I don't really wear shorts outside. 
  • Avoid taking pictures where the locals are included or you might find yourself in trouble
  • Water is expensive ( I mean yeah it is)
  • If you are alone, don't go to parks during family days
  • Buses are very seldom so your mode of transportation will usually be taxis (they are in color blue ones).
  • There is also cars that operates like taxi (colorum) but they sometimes they don't issue receipts and much expensive than the regular taxi.
  • The minimum fare that I paid for my transportation is around 10QAR
  • If you can, call the locals as "my friend", it works (do this when you ride a taxi). I got this tip from Ate Tin. 

Aspire Park, Doha Qatar

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This is the 3rd part of my Doha Travel Series. For the 2nd part please click here.

Aspire park is the largest park in Doha. It is about 88 hectares and great for family picnics, outings, and pictorials. If there is one place  in Doha that I would like to stroll at night, this would be that one. The scenery is perfect for those who want to practice their shooting skills (I mean camera). It is also perfect for friends, couples and alike.  According to my tour guide, you're not allowed to stroll inside the park when you're alone because the park is for families and couples so I don't know how true it is.

aspire park
Aspire Park 
Visiting the place is best at night, I wouldn't suggest to go here at morning because of the scorching sunlight, unless you wanted to be tanned then go ahead. There is no entrance fee and you can enjoy the view of Aspire tower from here.

Kumori :: Hanjuku Cheese

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Kumori, a japanese bakery, has been in the Philippines for awhile now. I've been only in their one branch which is at the basement level of SM Makati. There are so many delicious looking bread at their store that I can't decide which one to buy. I only ended up trying their blueberry cream bun-something (a safe choice for me). The taste for me was just uh-okay, it was soft and fluffy but that's all I can remember, nothing special. Perfectly paired with my 3in1 coffee in the morning (don't get me wrong about the 3in1 thing, haha, that is my a must drink during breakfast). After that I didn't buy again. I guess it is not something that I would buy over and over again. Walang impact for short. Then last week, my mom bought something from Kumori. This time it is their Signature Hanjuku Cheese. It was in a pretty box that seems pretty expensive too. There is also green tea pudding in her pasalubong. 

Hanjuku Cheese

Villaggio, Doha Qatar

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This is the 2nd part of my Doha Travel Series. For the 1st part please click here.

There are only three malls that I've been in Doha - City Centre, Hyatt Plaza, and Villagio. City Centre is like SM here in our country and most of my pasalubong were bought there. If you want to buy clothes, shoes and other stuff, this is the best place. Hyatt plaza is a small shopping mall and there is nothing much to do here. Lastly, Villagio is a high end place much like Greenbelt here in the Philippines. It is an Italian themed mall with Gondola rides and theme park inside. If you feel romantic, well you can ride the gondolas to feel the vibe of Venice. 

New domain name

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My domain name, misscarlzy.com, is already expired so I bought a new one - carlzy.com. Since my username is really carlzy, I opted this name instead of renewing the old one. From now on, all my photos will be watermarked using this new name. Pardon for my multiple change of names, I am not just contented with my blog names. So there, it will be longer than the first one, and I really hope that this will last.

Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), Doha Qatar

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This is the 1st part of my Doha Travel Series.

Last May 2015, I was in Doha, Qatar for some work related issues. It was fortunate for me to have this kind of opportunity, work = free travel. Yes naman. Stayed there for almost a month. Doha is not really a tourist spot if I may say but staying there was actually  a one of a kind experience for me - first time to travel alone abroad, no kakilala or whatever, the place, the people and of course the food.

Anyway, in my hotel there is a travel guide 101 if you want to check which places to go in Doha but according to Ate Tin, Leonard's cousin, Dubai is better in terms of tourist spots. 
One of the places that I really want to go is the MIA. I like seeing things related to art, but I'm not really an art enthusiast. Trip ko lang talaga tumingin ng mga paintings, kahit wala akong gaanong alam sa mga ganung bagay. Parang ang poser ko noh? Haha pero weird lang talaga ako. Atleast, kahit papaano may kaartehan din pala ako. haha. So without further ado, here is the virtual tour of Museum of Islamic Art (scroll down please!):

Museum of Islamic Art

Ovarian cyst and what you need to know

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Okay this will be a long post, I intended to finish my backlogs last September but something came up about my health that I had to postponed it. It was found out late in the said month that I have a 9cm on my left ovary. I didn't know it until I got an ultrasound. No pain, no funny feeling but my boyfriend thinks that I'm pregnant because of my big belly (I laugh at that thought because seriously, I'm fat). Shocked? Ditto. I didn't know what to feel that time, I'm hoping that somehow my OB will recommend a medicine that I just need to drink a certain drug but lo and behold, when she dropped the bomb - I was candidate for an operation because medicine could no longer remove it.

Getting better

Missing in Action

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Been MIA for weeks now and I still have backlogs from my May-Qatar series. My procrastination is really overwhelming jeez. Anyway, I just got back from Hong Kong two weeks ago and the hang over with the tour is still there. Wala na akong ibang maisip kundi magtour ng magtour haha. I'm doing some stop motion videos from the photos that I took during my vacation in HK using iMovie and WMM. One of them was the cable car experience in Ocean Park and Ngong Ping 360. I hope I could visit Hong Kong again and definitely will try this again. Just watch the video below (shameless plug):

Pardon for the quality, I'm now really addicted to iMovie that from now on I'll be documenting my travels through stop motion videos. lol. 

I'll be flying again next week for my Cebu tour and I'm really really excited that Leonard and I even bought go hero 4 black just for this travel. We'll go to Oslob and swim with the whale sharks, chase waterfalls and GLAMPING! How cool is that huh. haha.

I still have a lots of backlogs and reviews but hopefully by the end of September they are finished. xD

Ito yung hugot na matindi

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Alam mo yung painting na ginuhit mo, yung painting na ginawa mo sa isip mo habang kinukwento nya yung dream house, yung dream family nya. Tapos sa isip mo, pinipinta mo na. Makulay, maganda, malinaw. Pero tulad sa painting na yun, bigla ka napaisip, wala ka pala sa eksena. Ikaw yung pintor pero tulad sa isang family portrait, ikaw lang yung nagpinta, pero di ka kabilang sa masayang larawan...edi wow! 

Hindi lahat ng painting ay makulay, may black and white din

Maganda na sana, habang kinukwento nya yung mga pangarap nya sa buhay, naglalakad kayo habang hawak nya kamay mo. Masarap pala sa pakiramdam na nalalaman mo yung mga ganun bagay pero kasabay ng pagkwento nya, ikaw naman si tanga akala kasama sa pangarap nya, pilit na ineentra yung sarili. Single yung pagkakakwento nya pero ang pumapasok sa isip mo eh plural. Narinig mo lang yung "I" akala mo na "We", "Us".

Asan ba yung pangarap mo? Ayun, sinabay mo sa pangarap nya, pero kahit kelan pala di ka kasama. Para kang sumakay sa jeep, kahit alam mong di ka na makakasakay, sumabit ka parin. 

We can dream, we can love together with that special person but it doesn't mean that they have the same feelings. Parating hindi magiging equal, minsan mas mahal mo siya, minsan naman mas mahal ka nya. Pero kung sa pangarap nya wala ka pala, kaya mo bang hintayin na sabihin nya ang "We" kesa sa "I"? 

Hattendo Philippines || Japanese chilled cream buns

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Yay, our company gave free Hattendo Buns for its employees today. There are 7 flavors  but only 2 flavors are available to try which are Mango and Azuki Bean.

Hattendo buns

Well, it tasted like an ice cream bread. You know, bread + ice cream combination. I only got to try the mango one, and I can say that I like the taste. Not too sweet, not too bland.

Hattendo buns are available at SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall.

ka-ARTe-han sa may PINTO(an)

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Wew, sorry for the jejemon title, haha. To translate this on a normal text (without the caps and signs): Kaartehan sa may pintoan. nyay, haha. Corny! Hindi po ito tungkol sa isang melodramatic post na may kinalaman sa pintuan o isang drama na ang bida ay pintuan. lol. Ito'y tungkol sa isang museo na matatagpuan sa may Antipolo - ang Pinto Art Museum. 

Pinto Art Museum

I can't believe I took this photo

I am not a certified art lover, ang alam ko lang ay mag-appreciate. Mahilig ako sa mga bagay na makukulay o lahat ng sa tingin ko ay kakaiba. It makes me happy seeing these kind of things (basta makulay okay na yun, parang ikaw, binigyan mo ng kulay ang buhay ko..haha). Kaya nung nagtungo kami sa Antipolo para bisitahin ang nasabing museo feeling ko it's an art appreciation day. Parang field trip lang ang peg. haha. Haay naku, sana nung college ganito yung art appre subject namin... 

Brickxhbit 2015

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I don't collect LEGOs, but definitely I love seeing buildings, figures and other stuffs made from it. So when I learned about Brickxhibit from a friend, I immediately told my boyfriend to go there this weekend. Well, buti nalang pumayag siya kahit puyat siya from work..hehe. ILY Leonard! Anyway, Brickxhibit is the largest public display of LEGO with over 250 baseplates of original LEGO creations from the PhLUG members. Wow, akalain mo yun merong group na ganito? Some of the creations include Medieval diorama, Filipino community-Angel's burger, Cebuana, LOTTO, and to my surprise--SOGO. hehe. It was fun seeing these amazing creations. Thumbs up for the PhLUG members, ang gagaling nyo!

I <3 Lego

Last Pyromusical day and Aling Marshya's horror story

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I love watching Pyromusical, it is something that I would always look forward to every year. So last March 14, Leonard and I went to the last day of Pyromusical event at the Mall of Asia. China is the last country to showcase their fireworks display on this event. For me, this country would always be my best bet when it comes to Pyromusical (and I don't need to explain more, haha).

Anyway, this post is more of showcasing my not so good, trying hard shots. I was practicing taking night time shots using my Tripod. Di ko alam pero natatawa ako,haha, feeling photographer lang ang peg ko dito. Nagdudugo na nga ilong ko sa kakaaral ng aperture,ISO,shutter speed eh. Comments,suggestions and violent reactions are welcome. (lol).

Anniversary @ RockPoint Resort Laguna

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Pardon for the late post.

Leonard and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary at Rockpoint resort Laguna last January 22. Wow, 1 year na pala kami noh? Haha, actually I didn't expect that we'll last one year. Minsan kasi para kaming mga aso't pusa at ang lakas din naman magdrama pag nag-aaway kami. But good thing with my boyfriend is that we won't allow our fights to last until the next day (as much as possible). Usapan namin kasi yun para hindi namin mahate yung isa't isa lalo na kung petty fights lang naman.

Anyway, dapat sa batangas kami magcecelebrate ng anniversary namin kaso hindi pwede so nagday tour nalang kami sa Laguna. 

Rockpoint Resort

Tiny tea - a teatox tale

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I'm not really a tea drinker, well not unless if it's milk tea but then I began to fancy drinking it when Leonard and I frequently go to Chinese restaurants and they always have tea (free tastes are better, you know. lol). Anyway, I learned Tiny tea when browsing through my IG account. Thanks to Teatoxph! It is the official Distributor of YourTea in the Philippines. The transaction was smooth and I got my order the next day.

Pink is for Tiny.. Tiny Tea!
So what does Tiny tea do? Based on the email I got from my seller here are the benefits of drinking Tiny tea:
  • gets rid of bloating/belly bloat
  • clears skin impurities
  • detoxifies body from unwanted toxins
  • regulates bowel movement without the laxative effect
  • speeds up metabolism
  • relieves constipation
  • reduces water retention
  • improves blood circulation
  • curbs sugar/sweet cravings
  • eliminates bad and fatty oil in the body
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • relaxes the mind, body, and soul
  • calms the senses/relieves stress
Well, that's a  lot right? But what I'm really happy about drinking Tiny tea is that it clears skin impurities and relieves stress. For me, that's the benefits that I really got from drinking it. I tried the Tiny Tea 14-day teatox program and after that 14 day program, I ordered again.
I got freebies on my second order  <3  (but it is much cheaper if only I ordered the 28 day). 

Ryuzaki and his affair with Tiny
And just like Ryuzaki, I love Tiny tea. <3
What not to expect?
Drinking tiny tea WON'T make you lose weight. So if you're thinking that drinking this will do the miracles for you, I regret to tell you that it's not. But it will help of course, I noticed that it suppress my sweet cravings. So if you love Hersheys, Cadbury, and Ferrero (like me), tiny tea will make you forget them. In fact, I already forgot my sinful affair with them I mean it... really. They are now just sitting in the fridge for weeks now. haha.

Right now, I paused from drinking tiny tea since I need to take a break from it for two weeks after 28 days. I'm now eyeing for the Skin Magic Tea, another product from YourTea, I guess this will be the next tea that I will try if budget permits. tehehe

Diet Diva for A Week

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It's so obvious that I'm not healthy nor getting any better in shape. You see, I have this on and off relationship with my weight. And this is by far my biggest weight.. err. With constant eating out at night and my love for sweets (my weakness), it's no surprise that I got big this much.

Actually, last year I had a challenge-which is to attain my ideal weight until the first week of January this year. Well well well, I did not attain that goal and worse, gained a few more pounds.shocks! Not really proud of it. Then the realization came in when a colleague of mine died recently because of heart attack (he's just 26!). So I need to start living healthy (no junks, no more fast foods) as in NOW. Do I need to mention that I have PCOS? I just learned it last year, so it's really a must for me to have a healthy lifestyle. To jumpstart my #balikalindog2015 program (lol), I tried Diet Diva for a week.

Healthy Meals at your doorstep

Tagaytay 2015 - Sonya's Garden and Bag of Beans

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This is the third part of my Tagaytay 2015 series. First part is here and second part here.

After Caleruaga, our next stop was at Sonya's Garden. We didn't eat or buy anything here. We just checked to see what's the buzz all about the place. Sonya's Garden is a garden (of course), not an ordinary garden mind you. But what really caught my attention was their Proposal Garden.  With all those proposal thing happening at my Facebook newsfeed, having one here will sure gained tons of likes. And what's not to like? The place is soo romantic - a garden full of flowers, lights, a lovely music playing plus a delicious food and all you have to do is to say 'Yes!'... okay okay, haha feel ko lang ganyan yung eksena ng mga nagproposed na dun sa garden. Ang sweet lang. 
Proposal Garden

Tagaytay 2015 - Caleruega

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This is the second part of my Tagaytay 2015 series. First part is here.

So after our lunch in Mahogany Market. We went to Caleruega. Caleruega is a Retreat Center administered by Fathers and Brothers of the Dominican. Ang ganda ng lugar. Photogenic. It is like I was in Baguio pero hindi naman. If only I was still in high school, I would suggest to my school to have our retreat here. Maraming area din dito na pang photo ops. A good place to have your pre-nup shoot. The area is still decorated with Christmas lanterns and lights that added to the attraction of the place. Kung gabi siguro kami pumunta dito, the place will look so splendid with all those lanters and lights.

Caleruega Chuch - Leonard took this photo

Tagaytay 2015 - Mahogany Market

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This post will be a 3 part series.

Yesterday was my first gala for the year 2015. Together with Leonard's family, we went to visit Tagaytay. Our first stop was at the Mahogany Market. It was my first time going there. Pag kasama ko kasi sila mama, either sa Picnic grove/Starbucks ang lagi naming puntahan.

Upon getting there, kumain kami ng masarap na bulalo, crispy tawilis at lechon kawali sa Lyleth’s/Betty’s Eatery. Akala ko nasa Leslies ang pinakamasarap na bulalo, now I know, wala sa Leslies nasa Mahogany Market! And take note, yung bulalo nila wala sa bowl, nasa sa isang lalagyanan na may sariling apoy.. Ano bang tamang term dun? haha. Yung crispy tawilis masarap isawsaw dun sa parang suka nila na may mga bawang (dabest pramis!).

With his family

Fact you 2015!

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Fact: Suplada daw ako sabi nila
Fact: Malabo lang mata ko pero di ako suplada
Fact: Mahilig ako sa sweet
Fact: Kaya dapat sweet ka din sa akin
Fact: Di ako mahilig sa taba
Fact: Kasi mataba na nga ako
Fact: Tahimik akong tao
Fact: Maingay ako sa mga taong ka-close
Fact: Hindi ako masungit
Fact: Sayo lang ako masungit kasi special ka
Fact: itatry ko putulin mga bad habits ko ngayong 2015 (haha, owwss)
Fact: Totoo 'to peksman! So Fact you 2015! :)))

She's the one...

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It's already 2:30am and it's so funny how this old song, can make you feel so emotional... 

Oh well, I just remembered that old friend who used to dedicate songs for me because I really like listening to music with beautiful lyrics. I hope you're still listening to music just like me. I hope you still dedicate songs to those special people around you. Because I still believe that for every special people in your life, you have song/songs dedicated for them. ~ ciao

Leonard and Zy's Bucket List

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I already listed the things I want to do before reaching the age of 30. So alam nyo na ang dami kong gustong gawin sa buhay. haha. Yung iba dyan mga buwis buhay lang ang peg. Sa totoo lang, madami pa talaga yan pero nilista ko lang yung mga bagay na gustong-gusto ko na magawa sana.

Our to-do-list
And just what I have said on my before 30 list, I wanted to read other people's dreams and siyempre isa na dun yung kay Leonard. I asked him if we could list them on a paper and agreed to share it to each other. Nung una dapat may sharing session kami sana sa isang date namin sa Zark's kaso nakalimutan ko yung papel (to think na excited pa naman ako malaman yung kanya.lol). Dahil hindi natuloy, pinostponed muna namin. So before 2014 ends we were able to share our own bucket list. haha. I think it's a great way to start 2015 having your own to do list... 

Happy New Year!

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As the new year unfolds and so my blog too (hooray for the new layout). Thank you for those who became part of my 2014 adventure. I hope 2015 will be a great year too.

I wish I could live forever and hold your hand like it was already a part of me. Then I will just stare to your eyes and say...I'm happy that I met you.