Diet Diva for A Week

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It's so obvious that I'm not healthy nor getting any better in shape. You see, I have this on and off relationship with my weight. And this is by far my biggest weight.. err. With constant eating out at night and my love for sweets (my weakness), it's no surprise that I got big this much.

Actually, last year I had a challenge-which is to attain my ideal weight until the first week of January this year. Well well well, I did not attain that goal and worse, gained a few more pounds.shocks! Not really proud of it. Then the realization came in when a colleague of mine died recently because of heart attack (he's just 26!). So I need to start living healthy (no junks, no more fast foods) as in NOW. Do I need to mention that I have PCOS? I just learned it last year, so it's really a must for me to have a healthy lifestyle. To jumpstart my #balikalindog2015 program (lol), I tried Diet Diva for a week.

Healthy Meals at your doorstep

Tagaytay 2015 - Sonya's Garden and Bag of Beans

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This is the third part of my Tagaytay 2015 series. First part is here and second part here.

After Caleruaga, our next stop was at Sonya's Garden. We didn't eat or buy anything here. We just checked to see what's the buzz all about the place. Sonya's Garden is a garden (of course), not an ordinary garden mind you. But what really caught my attention was their Proposal Garden.  With all those proposal thing happening at my Facebook newsfeed, having one here will sure gained tons of likes. And what's not to like? The place is soo romantic - a garden full of flowers, lights, a lovely music playing plus a delicious food and all you have to do is to say 'Yes!'... okay okay, haha feel ko lang ganyan yung eksena ng mga nagproposed na dun sa garden. Ang sweet lang. 
Proposal Garden

Tagaytay 2015 - Caleruega

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This is the second part of my Tagaytay 2015 series. First part is here.

So after our lunch in Mahogany Market. We went to Caleruega. Caleruega is a Retreat Center administered by Fathers and Brothers of the Dominican. Ang ganda ng lugar. Photogenic. It is like I was in Baguio pero hindi naman. If only I was still in high school, I would suggest to my school to have our retreat here. Maraming area din dito na pang photo ops. A good place to have your pre-nup shoot. The area is still decorated with Christmas lanterns and lights that added to the attraction of the place. Kung gabi siguro kami pumunta dito, the place will look so splendid with all those lanters and lights.

Caleruega Chuch - Leonard took this photo

Tagaytay 2015 - Mahogany Market

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This post will be a 3 part series.

Yesterday was my first gala for the year 2015. Together with Leonard's family, we went to visit Tagaytay. Our first stop was at the Mahogany Market. It was my first time going there. Pag kasama ko kasi sila mama, either sa Picnic grove/Starbucks ang lagi naming puntahan.

Upon getting there, kumain kami ng masarap na bulalo, crispy tawilis at lechon kawali sa Lyleth’s/Betty’s Eatery. Akala ko nasa Leslies ang pinakamasarap na bulalo, now I know, wala sa Leslies nasa Mahogany Market! And take note, yung bulalo nila wala sa bowl, nasa sa isang lalagyanan na may sariling apoy.. Ano bang tamang term dun? haha. Yung crispy tawilis masarap isawsaw dun sa parang suka nila na may mga bawang (dabest pramis!).

With his family

Fact you 2015!

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Fact: Suplada daw ako sabi nila
Fact: Malabo lang mata ko pero di ako suplada
Fact: Mahilig ako sa sweet
Fact: Kaya dapat sweet ka din sa akin
Fact: Di ako mahilig sa taba
Fact: Kasi mataba na nga ako
Fact: Tahimik akong tao
Fact: Maingay ako sa mga taong ka-close
Fact: Hindi ako masungit
Fact: Sayo lang ako masungit kasi special ka
Fact: itatry ko putulin mga bad habits ko ngayong 2015 (haha, owwss)
Fact: Totoo 'to peksman! So Fact you 2015! :)))

She's the one...

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It's already 2:30am and it's so funny how this old song, can make you feel so emotional... 

Oh well, I just remembered that old friend who used to dedicate songs for me because I really like listening to music with beautiful lyrics. I hope you're still listening to music just like me. I hope you still dedicate songs to those special people around you. Because I still believe that for every special people in your life, you have song/songs dedicated for them. ~ ciao

Leonard and Zy's Bucket List

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I already listed the things I want to do before reaching the age of 30. So alam nyo na ang dami kong gustong gawin sa buhay. haha. Yung iba dyan mga buwis buhay lang ang peg. Sa totoo lang, madami pa talaga yan pero nilista ko lang yung mga bagay na gustong-gusto ko na magawa sana.

Our to-do-list
And just what I have said on my before 30 list, I wanted to read other people's dreams and siyempre isa na dun yung kay Leonard. I asked him if we could list them on a paper and agreed to share it to each other. Nung una dapat may sharing session kami sana sa isang date namin sa Zark's kaso nakalimutan ko yung papel (to think na excited pa naman ako malaman yung Dahil hindi natuloy, pinostponed muna namin. So before 2014 ends we were able to share our own bucket list. haha. I think it's a great way to start 2015 having your own to do list... 

Happy New Year!

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As the new year unfolds and so my blog too (hooray for the new layout). Thank you for those who became part of my 2014 adventure. I hope 2015 will be a great year too.

I wish I could live forever and hold your hand like it was already a part of me. Then I will just stare to your eyes and say...I'm happy that I met you.