Diet Diva for A Week

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It's so obvious that I'm not healthy nor getting any better in shape. You see, I have this on and off relationship with my weight. And this is by far my biggest weight.. err. With constant eating out at night and my love for sweets (my weakness), it's no surprise that I got big this much.

Actually, last year I had a challenge-which is to attain my ideal weight until the first week of January this year. Well well well, I did not attain that goal and worse, gained a few more pounds.shocks! Not really proud of it. Then the realization came in when a colleague of mine died recently because of heart attack (he's just 26!). So I need to start living healthy (no junks, no more fast foods) as in NOW. Do I need to mention that I have PCOS? I just learned it last year, so it's really a must for me to have a healthy lifestyle. To jumpstart my #balikalindog2015 program (lol), I tried Diet Diva for a week.

Healthy Meals at your doorstep

I learned Diet Diva from a friend. Diet Diva is a diet service that delivers healthy meals for 5 days. All their meals-breakfast,lunch,snack,dinner-have a total of 1200 calories. I joined their program for the first week of January 2015. Every first week of the month, they had this Pescetarian diet. Peste, este, pescetarian diet consists only vegetables, seafoods,fruits,nuts, etc with the exclusion of meat. Then for the rest of the month they have a regular diet.

Gosh, pinakamahirap sa akin ang kumain ng gulay at mga isda. I eat vegetables but only few ones. I eat fish but only fried ones. Kamusta naman yun. This is really challenging for me because I get to eat the foods that I don't usually put on my plate. I also get to try their DetoxDiva juices (freshly made fruit juice concoctions from Fruit Magic). Below are the meals that I ate during my diet diva journey:

Breakfast: Boiled Egg and Banana muffin
Lunch: Steamed Dory with Vegetables & Oyster Sauce with Organic Brown Rice
Snack: Vegan Ube-Coconut Pannacota
Dinner: Diva Green Salad with Fresh Herb Dressing 
Day 1 is not really a good start, I have to get into an interview at 8am but the food came in around 7am. I already left the house that time. So my breakfast that day was not the one in the picture. I just took a light breakfast that day (hahaha, jusme day 1 palang failed na). Anyway I tried to taste the banana muffin and it's good naman. For the lunch, I cannot say that it's delicious pero carry naman ang lasa, wag na choosy, diet eh. For the snack, it's not sweet nor tasty, but you can taste the ube slightly, so okay na din. Dinner? Ahaha, goodluck to me. Told you not really a vegetable eater. Pero naubos ko naman. My mom is teasing me that I'm like a goat while eating it. lol. Porke hindi sila diet. haha. And the juice? errr, I almost stop midway while consuming the bottle. Pero mind over matter na 'to! Kaya 'to! haha. Never mind the taste nalang.

Breakfast: Signature Spicy Tinapa Rice with Fresh tomatoes and tea
Lunch: Grilled Tuna Teriyaki with Brocolli and organic brown rice
Snack: Pear (fresh fruit)
Dinner: Fetuccine in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Norwegian Salmon Bits
For Day 2, it's a different story, I like all my meals except for lunch. It's grilled tuna teriyaki but I barely taste the teriyaki part. I love the Spicy tinapa rice. Among the three, this is my most favorite. For the dinner, hmm, let's just say ang sarap, ang sarap nung fetuccine it feels like I'm not on a diet.

Breakfast: Tuna omelette
Lunch: Breaded fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce with Organic Brown rice
Snack: Vegan ChocoChunk (Flaxseed) cookie
Dinner: Veggie Bean Burrito in Tomato-Basil Tortilla Wrap

Came Day 3, I wasn't able to eat the meals delivered that day except for the dinner. The delivery man came in around 8:45am which is already way too late for me. I had to be in the office at 9am. I guess this is one of my problems with Diet diva, the delivery time is kinda late. Nung first day maaga yung dating ng food, second day, medyo nalate, pero ito sobrang late na talaga. My mom suggested to me if I could ask them to deliver it at my office instead pero hinayaan ko nalang. Anyway my breakfast for this day was Tuna pandesal (from ministop). For lunch, well, I also had fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce with white rice (stick tayo sa pescetarian diet noh. haha). I did not take any snack on Day 3. But when I came home, I got to taste the cookie and in fairness, masarap siya, hindi matamis, tama lang. Parang hindi vegan cookie. Burrito for dinner was just okay. Instead of beef, it was replace with Tuna. What I don't like with is the bean part. 

Breakfast: Fish Sausage and Vegetable Brown Rice Chao Fan
Lunch: Special Rellenong Bangus with Carrots, French Beans and Organic Brown Rice
Snack: Fresh Korean persimmon
Dinner: Tuna Pesto Malunggay Pasta
Unlike day 3, I was able to eat all my meals for Day 4. I emailed/text Diet Diva on Wednesday if they could deliver around 6-7am. They replied the next day. Fortunately, medyo maaga yung delivery nung pagkain unlike nung day 3. For breakfast, the fish sausage does not seem to taste like a fish, parang hotdog lang siya. Pero hindi siya tasty. I remember there was a store in Gil Puyat that sells vegan products in the likes of sausages/hotdogs (I just forgot the name), maybe it was one of those. Rellenong bangus tasted good kaso parang hindi siya boneless. I had a hard time eating it. And for the snack, I felt like a royalty. hahaha. Perstaym ko kumain ng persimmon eh. Pero hindi ko siya nagustuhan. Dinner was my most favorite, the tuna pesto malunggay is superb that it's okay for me not to eat my favorite spaghetti that day. Nagluto si mama ng spaghetti kasi nung araw na yun.

Breakfast: Blueberry bagel with Peanut Butter
Lunch: Norwegian Salmon and Vegetable Curry with Organic Brown Rice
Snack: Oatmeal Muscovado Squares
Dinner: Diva Green Salad with Fresh Herb Dressing
Although diet diva wasn't able to grant my request for the 6-7am delivery atleast it's not wayy too late. Anyway, this was my last day on Pescetarian diet. Last day but I failed to finish it, hahaha, I'm so pasaway. You will know why laterI only ate bagel for my breakfast, nothing much to say on this but I think it's good if you partner it with a tea. I love the yummy snack on my last day. Loving it so much that I want to order a separate pack of it. As for the pasaway part. well, let's just say that I cheated! No, I did not cheat Leonard, not that kind of cheating. haha. I cheated on my diet. I did not eat the lunch and dinner provided. Instead, I had chicken inasal for lunch. For dinner, I had shrimp tempura and noodles. Yeah, it soo uncool of me (weeps).

To wrap up this journey:

  • The price for one week pescetarian diet with Diet Diva is Php 2,500 (free delivery). For regular diet it is Php 1,900 (with additional delivery charge depending on location).
  • I had a regular bowel movement while on this program which is a good thing because I'm always constipated
  • During this time I feel refreshed, maybe because of the juices (charot)?
  • Hunger pangs strike from time to time but was able to controlled it by drinking lots of water.
  • I really felt that I was on a diet because it was not my usual meals but eventually I began to like it.
  • Most of all, I lost 2lbs with no exercise. According to their site, it guarantees that you will lose 2-6lbs. If I did not cheat on the last day, I wonder if I will lose more? Hmmm
Will I try this again? Yes, but next time I will try their regular diet which I think is more suitable for me because they'll be serving meats instead of fish.

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