Tagaytay 2015 - Sonya's Garden and Bag of Beans

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This is the third part of my Tagaytay 2015 series. First part is here and second part here.

After Caleruaga, our next stop was at Sonya's Garden. We didn't eat or buy anything here. We just checked to see what's the buzz all about the place. Sonya's Garden is a garden (of course), not an ordinary garden mind you. But what really caught my attention was their Proposal Garden.  With all those proposal thing happening at my Facebook newsfeed, having one here will sure gained tons of likes. And what's not to like? The place is soo romantic - a garden full of flowers, lights, a lovely music playing plus a delicious food and all you have to do is to say 'Yes!'... okay okay, haha feel ko lang ganyan yung eksena ng mga nagproposed na dun sa garden. Ang sweet lang. 
Proposal Garden

And while inside the proposal garden, of course it's time for some photo ops!

Oh yes! yes! yes...! lol.

Lovely sunflower
A fake butterfly

and more flowers!!
It's not only inside Proposal Garden where you could take some lovely pictures, sa mismong loob ng Sonya's Garden madaming area para sa photo ops.


They also sell some stuff inside but it is so expensive na all you can do is to look around nalang. But the items are cute ha.

They also sell baked goodies like breads and jams in their Panaderia. But too bad, when we got inside, halos konti nalang yung mga paninda na tinapay.

After our tripping in Sonya's Garden, we went to Bag of Beans to have our merienda. Pero dahil madaming tao at medyo gutom na kami, hindi ko na nakuhanan ng picture yung kinain namin. I was only able to take the photos of our hot chocolate. haha.

According to Leonard, mas masarap pa ang hot chocolate and even the Carbonara we ordered ng Mary Grace.  Considering the price, he would go for Mary Grace, malapit pa daw. My take? Since I haven't been in Mary Grace nor tried their hot chocolate/Carbonara, I will agree with him. The taste is not outstanding. Pihikan siya sa pagkain but his taste would never go wrong. Sa aming dalawa kasi mas ako yung mahilig magtry ng kung anu-anong pagkain.   Anyway, food might not that good, but the ambiance is pretty nice for a tete-a-tete with your friends and family while you are in Tagaytay. So that's it for my Tagaytay 2015 series. After our snack we went to Sta. Rosa Laguna for our last itinerary. All in all, it's fun going with Leonard's family. Most of the places we went are the places I haven't been to. Though minsan nakakainis si Leonard, mahiluin at tahimik sa byahe kaya minsan wala akong kausap. haha. Eh siyempre kahit madalas na nila ako makita, nahihiya pa rin ako magkwento nalang basta sa kanila.  Well this is also actually my first time going with a boyfriend's family (in a trip) so charge to experience. :)

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