Anniversary @ RockPoint Resort Laguna

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Pardon for the late post.

Leonard and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary at Rockpoint resort Laguna last January 22. Wow, 1 year na pala kami noh? Haha, actually I didn't expect that we'll last one year. Minsan kasi para kaming mga aso't pusa at ang lakas din naman magdrama pag nag-aaway kami. But good thing with my boyfriend is that we won't allow our fights to last until the next day (as much as possible). Usapan namin kasi yun para hindi namin mahate yung isa't isa lalo na kung petty fights lang naman.

Anyway, dapat sa batangas kami magcecelebrate ng anniversary namin kaso hindi pwede so nagday tour nalang kami sa Laguna. 

Rockpoint Resort

Ang ganda ng panahon nung pumunta kami sa resort. Malapit lang siya dun sa Sol y Viento kaya yung commute is almost the same. Nung pumunta kami sa resort, kokonti lang yung mga tao. Actually ako at si Leonard lang yung customer at may isa din pair kami naabutan pero umalis din after.

So what I can say about the resort?

  • There are three pools but only one pool is available that time, the two are under renovation
  • Small (just enough for a nightstay)
  • Rooms are just okayy...and to think we already booked the executive one. No flat tv just a crt one, in fairness meron din refrigerator and guess what? Jacuzzi! 
  • Well there is a jacuzzi but what Leonard didn't like was we need to take a shower on the jacuzzi too!
  • We had our lunch at their cafeteria but sad to say, we are not happy with the food.
Me taking that mirror shot
Anyway, although the resort pales in comparison with the other places we tried, the event is much important. Ang saya naman kasi solo namin yung pool. Ginawang practisan ni Leonard sa swimming. haha. Buong araw na swimming at kulitan buti hindi kami masyado nangitim. haha . They also had a meditation area in case you want to be alone.


Ui, bawal maingay sa corridor. haha
And of course since it is our anniversary, I made our anniversary video that leave him speechless for  awhile. Oppss, haha hindi ito scandal ah. haha sorry for the cheesy video. hehe

I was also surprised that he made something for me as well. Sorry I can't share it here. xD. Anyway even though the place is not really what we expected, celebrating our special day here at Rockpoint resort made it a memorable place.

And of course, thank you God, because I have a great guy here... <3

Hey, I love you...enough said. 

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