Last Pyromusical day and Aling Marshya's horror story

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I love watching Pyromusical, it is something that I would always look forward to every year. So last March 14, Leonard and I went to the last day of Pyromusical event at the Mall of Asia. China is the last country to showcase their fireworks display on this event. For me, this country would always be my best bet when it comes to Pyromusical (and I don't need to explain more, haha).

Anyway, this post is more of showcasing my not so good, trying hard shots. I was practicing taking night time shots using my Tripod. Di ko alam pero natatawa ako,haha, feeling photographer lang ang peg ko dito. Nagdudugo na nga ilong ko sa kakaaral ng aperture,ISO,shutter speed eh. Comments,suggestions and violent reactions are welcome. (lol).

After watching pyromusical, We went to Dampa to have our dinner-slash-midnight snack. Shocks! Pagkatapos namin kumain sa Aling Marshya's talagang dumapa kami sa mahal ng kinain namin (kaya horror story 'to).

Tempura daw 'to 

I forgot the dish pero lapu-lapu yung fish

Fish and Rice

It's so obvious that he's not happy...
Would you believe that we shell out Php 2,000.00 for this dinner?! I can't believe it as well.Yung nakikita nyo, yan lang yung kinain namin. Pag naaalala ko 'to I just want to go to vikings and have a buffet instead, ang sakit lang sa bangs. 

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