Tiny tea - a teatox tale

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I'm not really a tea drinker, well not unless if it's milk tea but then I began to fancy drinking it when Leonard and I frequently go to Chinese restaurants and they always have tea (free tastes are better, you know. lol). Anyway, I learned Tiny tea when browsing through my IG account. Thanks to Teatoxph! It is the official Distributor of YourTea in the Philippines. The transaction was smooth and I got my order the next day.

Pink is for Tiny.. Tiny Tea!
So what does Tiny tea do? Based on the email I got from my seller here are the benefits of drinking Tiny tea:
  • gets rid of bloating/belly bloat
  • clears skin impurities
  • detoxifies body from unwanted toxins
  • regulates bowel movement without the laxative effect
  • speeds up metabolism
  • relieves constipation
  • reduces water retention
  • improves blood circulation
  • curbs sugar/sweet cravings
  • eliminates bad and fatty oil in the body
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • relaxes the mind, body, and soul
  • calms the senses/relieves stress
Well, that's a  lot right? But what I'm really happy about drinking Tiny tea is that it clears skin impurities and relieves stress. For me, that's the benefits that I really got from drinking it. I tried the Tiny Tea 14-day teatox program and after that 14 day program, I ordered again.
I got freebies on my second order  <3  (but it is much cheaper if only I ordered the 28 day). 

Ryuzaki and his affair with Tiny
And just like Ryuzaki, I love Tiny tea. <3
What not to expect?
Drinking tiny tea WON'T make you lose weight. So if you're thinking that drinking this will do the miracles for you, I regret to tell you that it's not. But it will help of course, I noticed that it suppress my sweet cravings. So if you love Hersheys, Cadbury, and Ferrero (like me), tiny tea will make you forget them. In fact, I already forgot my sinful affair with them I mean it... really. They are now just sitting in the fridge for weeks now. haha.

Right now, I paused from drinking tiny tea since I need to take a break from it for two weeks after 28 days. I'm now eyeing for the Skin Magic Tea, another product from YourTea, I guess this will be the next tea that I will try if budget permits. tehehe

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