Aspire Park, Doha Qatar

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This is the 3rd part of my Doha Travel Series. For the 2nd part please click here.

Aspire park is the largest park in Doha. It is about 88 hectares and great for family picnics, outings, and pictorials. If there is one place  in Doha that I would like to stroll at night, this would be that one. The scenery is perfect for those who want to practice their shooting skills (I mean camera). It is also perfect for friends, couples and alike.  According to my tour guide, you're not allowed to stroll inside the park when you're alone because the park is for families and couples so I don't know how true it is.

aspire park
Aspire Park 
Visiting the place is best at night, I wouldn't suggest to go here at morning because of the scorching sunlight, unless you wanted to be tanned then go ahead. There is no entrance fee and you can enjoy the view of Aspire tower from here.

Aspire Tower

Display cars at Aspire
Weird tree

Aspire Tower from afar


There's also bike lanes here

Gorgeous fountain

My quasi tour guide

Heart shaped tree

Going back to the hotel

 If you want to take a sip while relaxing, there's also a coffee shop in the park as well as restaurant. There's also a playground here so the kids will enjoy it too. If you'll ask me, Aspire park is like Nuvali here in the Philippines though I think the first one is bigger.

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