Doha, Qatar Travel Notes (Do's and Don'ts)

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This is the last part of my Doha Travel Series. For the 3rd part please click here.

Souq Waqif
Qatar is already an open country but you must still respect their culture. Did you know that the country only composed of 15% locals? Well I can't believe it too. There are so many foreigners and Pinoys! In our client site there are about more than 10 pinoys working. Anyway, I listed down some notes regarding my travel: 

  • Wear long sleeves and pants for girls. DON'T wear shorts or sleeveless. Well for me this is not a problem because I don't really wear shorts outside. 
  • Avoid taking pictures where the locals are included or you might find yourself in trouble
  • Water is expensive ( I mean yeah it is)
  • If you are alone, don't go to parks during family days
  • Buses are very seldom so your mode of transportation will usually be taxis (they are in color blue ones).
  • There is also cars that operates like taxi (colorum) but they sometimes they don't issue receipts and much expensive than the regular taxi.
  • The minimum fare that I paid for my transportation is around 10QAR
  • If you can, call the locals as "my friend", it works (do this when you ride a taxi). I got this tip from Ate Tin. 

As for the food, surprise surprise, there's Jollibee here, as well as McDo and other common fast foods/restaurants. Anyway, experience is incomplete if  I'll just eat only on those fast foods.

I tried many kinds of cuisine while staying here, from Indian to Persian to Malaysian to European. I wasn't able to take many pictures of the foods that I tried but one thing is for sure, they really really like spicy foods. When I ate a chicken curry, I swear I felt that my tummy was like on fire. I didn't even finished it. And the rice, the rice is not sticky, not my usual kind of. 

Pita breads and dips


You want fruit shake?

Lovely fruit arrangement

Me at Vitamin Palace

Food at the hotel

Bakmi goreng

Filipino styled Spaghetti - because I miss eating one while staying here

In my previous posts, if you want to buy some clothes, chocolates, shoes, City Centre is your to go place. But if you really want Qatar souvenir items such as magnets, keychains, bag tags, etc. then Souq Waqif is the place. Trivia: "Souq" means market. 

In Souq Waqif, you'll see so many items, from souvenirs up to kitchen tools and pets! There's an area here that sells puppies, kittens, etc.

You'll be able to get discounts if you're good in haggling.

Additional Notes:
- In case you want to experience a desert adventure, you can inquire your hotel for a Safari tour. I forgot the price but they offer two packages - a half day or overnight tour. 

- There's also a lovely place here that they call - The Pearl. I wasn't able to go here because of my busy schedule but according to my friend, it's beautiful because you will see luxury villas, apartments and five star hotels in a classic European style architecture.

- Aside from the Museum of Islamic Art, there's also another museum worth vising - Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

So that's it, my last entry for Doha Travel Series. If you have questions just drop a comment here.

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