Hong Kong 2015 - Hong Kong 3D art museum (One piece 3D art)

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3nd part of my Hong Kong travel series. For 2nd part click here.

This was my first 3D museum trip ever. I know here in Philippines, we have Art in Island. a 3D museum as well but I haven't been there and I plan to visit it soon. Anyway, back to the topic... I must admit medyo mataas expectation ko sa 3D museum na 'to. I was expecting some kind of amazing building with one piece art, 3D images displayed outside. Naligaw pa nga kami sa kakaikot not knowing that we already passed by the entrance. it is located at 96 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui. Once you saw the HKD 3D banner, that's it.

Upon arriving there, only few people are inside the museum. I advise to go in the morning so you can have your sweet time taking your pictures or else, wait for your turn on each 3D art piece.

hk3d museum

Although it is not what I expected at first, I did have fun. Nakakaadik pala magpose-pose noh. haha.

one piece 3d museum

There are signs where you should take your pictures to get that 3D effect, follow that.

As long as there are no people waiting, just keep on firing those shots to get that picture perfect.

Ang cute ni Berlyn dito haha

Ang taray ni Shiena, xD

Of course, HK3D is not all about One Piece, there are other 3D arts as well not related to the anime.

Lol, ang saya ko dito ah

Ang saya din infairness, kung anu-anong posing maiisip mo. Medyo nakakahiya nga lang kasi madami din nanonood sayo habang nagpapapicture ka.

After almost 3 hours we're done with our pictorial and left the museum to have our lunch. If you're a One Piece fan, I'm sure that you'll really enjoy this 3D art museum.

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