Hong Kong 2015 - Lantau Island (Giant Buddha and the best Cable Car experience)

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2nd part of my Hong Kong travel series. For 1st part click here.

For our second tour, we decided to go to Ngong Ping Village via Cable Car. Prior to this trip, we already bought our tickets online. May expiration date yung tickets so no choice kami kundi pumunta sa Ngong Ping. Pero kapag nga naman minamalas kami, upon checking the weather forecast on Accuweather, there was a thunderstorm. Another rainy day for us. Pero dahil mga pasaway kami at talagang walang makakapigil, go pa rin kami. So we took the MTR and dropped off at the Tung Chung station. 

Pagdating namin sa Cable car station, mahaba na ang pila pero since there was a thunderstorm warning, customers were not able to buy tickets. The cable car operation was closed. Yup, such an unfortunate event for us. We talked to some of the staff, luckily they allowed us to go to the ticket booth for us to have a refund. When we got to the ticket booth, we still asked if we could ride the Cable car. Ang kulit namin noh? haha. May thunderstorm na nga, gusto pa lumarga. The officer in charge said that we could ride the cable car if the thunderstorm signal has been lifted. So we decided to wait and pray that we could ride....

Please kuya officer let us ride the cable car...please:(

And then...God answered our prayers! By 1pm, the thunderstorm warning has been lifted. Hooray! I was so happy because I'm looking forward for this trip. We bought a round trip ticket. For the first ride, well, we took the crystal cabin going to Ngong Ping village then upon going back we took the regular cabin.

Note: The cabin is good for 10 people, so if your group is less than that, you have to ride with other customers too (just to complete the 10 people).  

Ang saya nila ahaha

And this is the crystal cabin experience, you get to see the things below

I can see the giant buddha!

Tawa pa more haha

Ang cute nung bata na kasama namin

Mountains and clouds

Giant Buddha on a gloomy weather
After that superb 25 minutes of cable car experience, alas we're now in Ngong Ping Village!

 If you want to eat or buy something, there are restaurants and souvenir shops inside the village.

At this point, gusto ko ng makita si Giant Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha). Pero di ko pala alam na bago ko siya makita eh, mangangatog muna pala ang mga binti ko. haha. 

Ngong Ping Piazza

Nasa langit na ba ako? lol
Inperness, ang ganda ng lugar kahit puro ulap na nakikita ko haha. Buti nalang di maulan kasi kung hindi patay na talaga. So naglakad-lakad na kami para masilayan si Buddha and tadah!

Giant Buddha
Promise nung nakita ko na ganyan kataas yung aakyatin namin, halos gusto ko na magpaiwan sa ibaba. haha. But of course, your young author is not that lazy and I accept challenges like this. So did I really able to get there or I just used my zoom lens for the photos below? Well let's found out:

And I made it to the top!

Hello Buddha, nice meeting you!
Pagdating sa itaas, nagpicture-picture muna kami then nagpahinga. Sa totoo lang, it's not really nakakapagod pero siyempre masakit sa binti but you can rest. It was a best decision to go up because I felt that I completed the Ngong Ping village experience by doing that. So challenge completed! After that, we headed back to the cable car station because it's already raining and getting darker. Another thunderstorm signal was issued. After an hour, we were allowed again to ride.

Bye Buddha, let's meet again some other time!
Going back to Tung Chung is much nerve wracking experience because all we can see are clouds. I can feel the wind blowing us off. Gosh compared nung papunta, mas kinabahan ako pabalik. Medyo umuulan na din kaya buong duration ng sakay namin eh tahimik lang kami at nagdadasal na makauwi ng ligtas.

By 6pm or so, we were already in Tung Chung. So what can I say? It was the best cable car experience I have. Opps, well, I've been in Singapore and was able to ride their cable car as well but compared to that, this one is better, wayyyy better. 

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