Hong Kong 2015 - Ocean Park

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This is the 1st part (1/5) of my Hong Kong travel series this year. 

Last August, I went to Hong Kong as a birthday gift to myself. Together with my friend, Shiena and her two office mates, we stayed there from August 13-18. This is a DIY tour and we skipped some of the iconic spots such as Avenue of Stars, Clock Tower, Wax Museum. You might say "WTF, going to Hong Kong without touring those places?!" Err, let's just say that we want there for shopping purposes, I mean most of my companions went there for that purpose. But let's leave it as another story.  

Ocean Park is the first attraction in our itinerary. Compared to Manila Ocean Park, HK's OP is way better and bigger to the point that I wanted to die due to exhaustion (just kidding). Unfortunately, the weather is not good when we went there. Imagine yourself walking in the rain plus no extra t-shirt, it's like you're ready for a cheap drama. We almost looked like basang sisiw throughout the whole day.

Despite of the bad weather, many tourists are still visiting the park. Once you enter, I suggest to get a map so you can plan which ride or attraction you'll take.

Gloomy weather

Walang makakapigil sa amen! Gagala pa rin kami :D

For our first stop, we headed for the Grand Aquarium. What's Ocean Park if you don't enter here.

From left to right: Berlyn, Lanie and Shiena

Snooping Berlyn

I only took few pictures inside because I was busy checking out those wonderful sea creatures (owss). After the Grand Aquarium, we went to see the Pandas!

 Unfortunately, the pandas were sleeping... :(


Since there are no pandas, we left the place and headed out to see other attractions. In Ocean Park, summer is still being celebrated.

Summer Fun

Ang saya nila noh?

Bubble Fight

And the winner is?

Ocean Express

When the rain stopped, we went to the Cable Car station to get to the other side of Ocean Park. Note there are two ways to get there, either you ride the Ocean Express or the Cable Car.

At kasama na din ako sa picture sa wakas!

Kabadong-kabado sila Berlyn at Lanie nung nagride sa Cable car, first time kasi nila. Haha, kulang nalang sakalin nila kmi ni Shiena.

And we're now on the other side

We rode the Ocean Park Tower, it took us 45 minutes to be able to ride it but trust me, the view is spectacular from there.

Take this so you'll see the entire park

View from the Ocean Park Tower

Then we also check the sea lions in the Pacific Pier.

Since we want another ride, we tried the Flying Fiesta version of HK-OP. Grabe maliit lang siya compared sa EK pero talagang nahilo ako at ayaw ko na sumakay.

Gusto ko sana itry kaso wala akong kasama haha
Then at 5pm, we watched the Dolphin show. Beware, make sure that you won't fall asleep or else you might see your face in the projector. hehe

Since it's already late and the Park will close at 7:00pm, we took the cable car again to get us back from the Main Park.

When we got back, we saw some vegetable-fruit stands (perfect for photo ops).

Tuwang tuwa ang bata haha

Benta pa more

Si Lanie nag-aayos ng mga paninda

Mga kalaban sa negosyo. haha

Cable Car is already closed.
It's almost 7pm when we left the place. We were so tired roaming around but nevertheless it's a fun fun day. Just a tip, you can bring your own water bottle here. The water is kinda pricey compared outside so it helps if you bring your own.

And that's it, isang buong araw naming ginalugad ang Ocean Park na basa ang damit. Buti nalang di kami nagkasakit. xD

Good bye Ocean Park, here's our Pabebe wave! haha

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