Kumori :: Hanjuku Cheese

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Kumori, a japanese bakery, has been in the Philippines for awhile now. I've been only in their one branch which is at the basement level of SM Makati. There are so many delicious looking bread at their store that I can't decide which one to buy. I only ended up trying their blueberry cream bun-something (a safe choice for me). The taste for me was just uh-okay, it was soft and fluffy but that's all I can remember, nothing special. Perfectly paired with my 3in1 coffee in the morning (don't get me wrong about the 3in1 thing, haha, that is my a must drink during breakfast). After that I didn't buy again. I guess it is not something that I would buy over and over again. Walang impact for short. Then last week, my mom bought something from Kumori. This time it is their Signature Hanjuku Cheese. It was in a pretty box that seems pretty expensive too. There is also green tea pudding in her pasalubong. 

Hanjuku Cheese

And the verdict? I take back my word regarding the no impact, at first bite, bam! Ang sarap! After my last bite of the first piece, I could not help myself to take another one. I consumed 3 out of 5 little hanjukus (lol). If only my sister did not want to taste it, I might eat all of them.   

I'll be biased  with this one because Hanjuku Cheese is a japanese style cheesecake (please take note of the keyword - cheesecake!). In the picture above, you cannot clearly see the cream cheese on the center, but it is there. I like the simplicity of this bread that makes me "take me one more time!". And there is chocolate flavored too. I can't wait to go again in SM Makati to have these little hanjukus again.  

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