Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), Doha Qatar

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This is the 1st part of my Doha Travel Series.

Last May 2015, I was in Doha, Qatar for some work related issues. It was fortunate for me to have this kind of opportunity, work = free travel. Yes naman. Stayed there for almost a month. Doha is not really a tourist spot if I may say but staying there was actually  a one of a kind experience for me - first time to travel alone abroad, no kakilala or whatever, the place, the people and of course the food.

Anyway, in my hotel there is a travel guide 101 if you want to check which places to go in Doha but according to Ate Tin, Leonard's cousin, Dubai is better in terms of tourist spots. 
One of the places that I really want to go is the MIA. I like seeing things related to art, but I'm not really an art enthusiast. Trip ko lang talaga tumingin ng mga paintings, kahit wala akong gaanong alam sa mga ganung bagay. Parang ang poser ko noh? Haha pero weird lang talaga ako. Atleast, kahit papaano may kaartehan din pala ako. haha. So without further ado, here is the virtual tour of Museum of Islamic Art (scroll down please!):

Museum of Islamic Art

Some of the artifacts are from different parts of the world. And wow, as in wow, the place is so beautiful that I am ashamed if I will not take photos. The architecture  of the place makes you think about geometry, lines and shapes, anyone? 

While walking around the place, I felt that this is one of those venues that you want to have a pre-nup shoot. And why not, it speaks elegance and artistry. 

I was not able to tour around much because I went 1 hour before the closing time. I guess you need two hours for this trip. 

Museum of Islamic Art at night

After the tour, dinala naman ako ng mga paa ko sa Al Corniche, a perfect place for a loner like. haha

This is the end of the first part of my Doha travel series. Stay tuned for the next one! Thanks. :)

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