Ovarian cyst and what you need to know

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Okay this will be a long post, I intended to finish my backlogs last September but something came up about my health that I had to postponed it. It was found out late in the said month that I have a 9cm on my left ovary. I didn't know it until I got an ultrasound. No pain, no funny feeling but my boyfriend thinks that I'm pregnant because of my big belly (I laugh at that thought because seriously, I'm fat). Shocked? Ditto. I didn't know what to feel that time, I'm hoping that somehow my OB will recommend a medicine that I just need to drink a certain drug but lo and behold, when she dropped the bomb - I was candidate for an operation because medicine could no longer remove it.

Getting better

I'm sad, really sad, but instead of wallowing in misery, I decided to have an operation. My OB in St. Luke's (BGC) gave me two options - Laparoscopy or Laparotomy. I chose the second one, the open surgery which is like a cesarean operation. Laparoscopy is expensive and only a certain amount will be covered by my health card.

What to know about ovarian cyst?

  • When ovary cyst is bigger than 7cm, your doctor will advise to have a surgery
  • Usually there are no symptoms but if the cyst is large, there is a pain in your abdominal area.
  • Most of ovarian cysts are benign
  • Usually cysts will disappear on their own but sometimes they can get bigger (just like my case)
  • If you have cyst previously, there's a probability that you will have another one in the future.
It's been two weeks since my operation and I am so happy that I decided to do this operation ASAP. If I didn't undergo it immediately, who knows what I'll be facing in the coming months. Fortunately, my incision is a bikini-cut, not that abdomen one (no offense to those who have this), I just don't like seeing any large cut or wounds. Anyway, I treat this as a battle scar, a battle scar as a woman.

Thanks for taking care of me <3

I just realized one thing - you don't need to be pregnant just to visit an OBGYNE. Sadly, here in our country, when people heard that you visited an OB, they immediately think that you're pregnant. Oh please! Just please. If you feel anything or something wrong regarding your reproductive system like delayed and irregular menstruation, acne that doesn't go away, weight that don't even bulge even if you died running on that treadmill, then it's time to consult an OB. After all, they are your best friends in this kind of situation. So let's take ourselves girls, visit your OB right away. :)

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