Villaggio, Doha Qatar

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This is the 2nd part of my Doha Travel Series. For the 1st part please click here.

There are only three malls that I've been in Doha - City Centre, Hyatt Plaza, and Villagio. City Centre is like SM here in our country and most of my pasalubong were bought there. If you want to buy clothes, shoes and other stuff, this is the best place. Hyatt plaza is a small shopping mall and there is nothing much to do here. Lastly, Villagio is a high end place much like Greenbelt here in the Philippines. It is an Italian themed mall with Gondola rides and theme park inside. If you feel romantic, well you can ride the gondolas to feel the vibe of Venice. 


High end shops are here

Beautiful interiors

Gondolania's Ferris wheel

Although I wanted to ride one of those Gondolas, I felt that my money is better for pasalubongs so I just followed where the ride ends. 

There are parts of the place that are still under construction. I learned that on May 2012, there is a fire happened on the mall resulting to closure of some stores.

Malls are not rampant in Doha so if you go on weekends (Friday and Saturday), there are many people inside. I can't blame them, with the kind of weather in Qatar, I would rather spent my day inside the mall. And oh, this is the first place where I learned about Baskin -Robbins, the famous ice cream store before they invade the Philippine market. 

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