BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick

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I was on a lookout for a new lipstick this Christmas. I'm not really into lipsticks but for some reasons, I like wearing one now. I wanted to do some new makeovers this holiday season so having this on my list is pretty nice. Initially, I wanted to buy MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick but I find it too expensive. I might reconsider it next time because I really love it's color. 

Anyway, while waiting for Leonard's driving orientation to finish, I went inside SM MOA's department store. I was looking for a matte lipstick at the NYX cosmetics area when a saleslady approached me and offered another brand. She introduced an Australian brand named BYS or Be Yourself. The saleslady gave their latest lip color line which is the Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick. 
BYS Liquid Lipstick. Photo from fashionaddict

I bought the Cherry Now color because I wanted to sport that kontrabida look.

Cherry Now
My nail polish is cute right? :D

So this is how I looked after using this liquid lipstick. Opps, I just got my hair cut and blow dried so no buhaghag hair day for me. :)

Mukha na bang bida-kontrabida? haha
I like how the lipstick stays on my lips even after I ate lunch. I don't even have to retouch! But the hassle or rather funny part I think is that when I kissed Leonard, it was so obvious that I kissed him and the evidence is hard to remove! lol. 

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