Flawless Fractional Needle Therapy Review

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Today, I decided to have an acne scar treatment for my face. You see, I've been battling acne scars for so long. I've tried chemical peels such as glycolic, tca, diamond and even pixel, but due to some budget constraints, results are not significant. I knew that I have hormonal imbalance so getting rid of acne was my major problem but the aftermath is another thing. I think I've been battling acne scars longer than I was treating my acne! Fortunately, these past few years I didn't break out anymore. 

Although mine was not that severe, still, it causes some minor self esteem issues. I went to Flawless SM Center Las Pinas to have a consultation regarding my case. Initially, my plan is to get their easy peel because I wanted to get rid the blemishes and my scars. But after my discussion with the doctor, we opted for their Fractional Needle Therapy (Retinol) so that it will target even my deep acne scars which the easy peel will not be able to address. 

Before the actual procedure, an attendant will do a facial cleaning- removing the whiteheads and blackheads. After that, the retinol serum was applied to my face and then the numbing cream few minutes after. I waited around 45 minutes so that the numbing cream will take an effect then the session started.

The dermatologist will do the actual procedure. I didn't feel any pain but of course I can feel the pressure of the instrument in my skin. I like the fact that the doctor puts an extra pressure on my deep acne scars. The treatment lasted around 30 minutes or less. When I saw my face, it is not really that red compared to what I saw on others who tried this. For my post treatment, the doctor gave me only an Erythromycin cream and was advised to use sunblock at all cost. I'm happy that she let me used my own sunblock. She also advised to wash my face after 24 hours (or less if I can't make it to 24 hours).

Post FNT care

So this is my face after FNT, pardon for this if I have to take a close up one. Please don't be scared, I'm already embarrassed just by showing this . haha

As you can see, my scars are rolling acne scars, it is not smooth. I also have ice pick scars. large pores and an oily face. I still have some bumps on my jaw area. According to the derma, I might noticed some small pimples coming out because of the retinol applied to my face. 

So how much this treatment cost? 
FNT is Php 4,500.00 and their facial cleaning with retinol is Php 980.00. The erythromycin+hdrocortisome cream is Php 340.00. I spent a total of Php 5,820.00 for this treatment. A little expensive huh. Let's see if this is worth it.

After 4-5 days, I expect that my face will get better as the doctor said. So let's see after 4 days how my face will look. I'll post an update after 4 days. :)

Please see my latest update regarding this treatment here.

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8 September 2016 at 02:28 delete

SO how long does the effect of FNT lasts?

17 September 2016 at 19:49 delete

In my case it only lasted for a week. Also, I still need more sessions if I really wanted to achieve that poreless skin :D

Aj Gutierrez
1 October 2016 at 05:08 delete

Hi! I'm SELLING my 2 remaining sessions (package) of Easy Peel at Flawless SM North for only 6k (save 1k)! NEGOTIABLE. :) Can't use them anymore because I'm on isotretinoin now. I have to say the results of Easy Peel on me was very good. :) If you're interested, you can send me a PM at https://web.facebook.com/aj.gutierrez.56 or call/txt 09309947157. Thanks! :)